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This blog page is a place where we chat about medical device packaging, manufacturing as well as a host of other eclectic topics. We will be adding new post soon that will speak to innovations in both medical and general packaging, feel free to join the conversation.

Time to Upgrade Machinery?

First of all, let me say that it does not escape me that a medical device packaging machine provider telling their clients to upgrade their machinery is akin to a barber telling you that you need a haircut. But I assure you my motivations on this topic are more than...

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Starters vs Finishers

It has been said that you can categorize entrepreneurs, engineers, and inventors as either starters or finishers. And although this may be a tad of an oversimplification, I do feel that this broad category seems to encapsulate the core of many personality types and...

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Can’t See It from My House

One of my first jobs was working in new home construction as an apprentice finish carpenter. I'll never forget one of the carpenters making a mistake, and then announcing with great pride, “Oh well, can't see it from my house.” The declaration was clear, once I leave...

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Customer Deaf

Entering, not too long ago, in to the enterprise lexicon came the acronym VOC (voice of the customer) this to me is effectively a reskin of the old chestnut “Listening to your customer”. Wikipedia describes it as “the in-depth process of capturing customer's...

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Dye Penetration testing

Sometimes it is the most simple test methods that give us the most value. Although Dye Penetration does have its limits, it can be a fast way to evaluate seal value on a busy day during processing. The feedback gained can give quality managers a quick glance at a...

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The value of deburring

The Deburring Process In manufacturing, we usually think of a “burr” as an unwanted piece of material from machining operations, such as grinding, cutting, drilling, milling, or turning. But in my quality vernacular, a “Burr” is any byproduct of an operation that is...

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Sterile Packaging PM’s

Sterile Packaging: Validation Powered By PM's To ensure sterile packaging, quality and performance of the machinery are vital. Medical device makers, as well as pharmaceutical companies,  require packaging machinery that has the mechanisms that can create a seal that...

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The ABC’s of Device Packaging

Those of us that work in medical device manufacturing and medical device packaging stumble across acronyms daily. If anyone from outside of our Industry would encounter our chatter it may indeed seem like a foreign language. Our esoteric alphabet flows freely IQ, OQ,...

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Chrome Don’t Get You Home.

As a lifelong motorcyclist, I'm very familiar with the biker slang, “Chrome don't get you home.” This mild insult comes out when you are a tad jealous of the guy with the $35,000 Harley Davison sporting every possible shiny accessory bolted to his bike. But is there...

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The problems with creep

According to Wikipedia "In materials science, creep (sometimes called cold flow) is the tendency of a solid material to move slowly or deform permanently under the influence of mechanical stresses." With our medical device pouches/bags, we try to understand the...

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