Spc-2 specimen Cutter




ASTM F-88 method ready pouch cutter for medical device pouches. A safe, fast and efficient way to prepare test specimens. Shorten test cycles with the SPC-2 pouch cutters.

safely prepare test samples faster and easier

Tensile/peel testing your sealed pouches is an effective way of monitoring your packaging machine performance and to avoid creep in your seal value. However, cutting your samples with a razor knife is time-consuming and poses a safety risk. With our all-new SPC-2 pouch specimen cutter you can quickly and safely prepare test samples faster and easier to encourages regular testing. The SPC-2 cutter creates a 1 pouch specimen so you can quickly perform the ASTM f-88 tensile test. The robust build of the SPC-2 prevents device flexing that could impact sample consistency. Accurate specimen size is vital to developing a cogent Design of Experiment and for a solid quality assurance function for medical device packaging, stay compliant with the SPC-2 specimen cutter


Specimen dimensional accuracy is vital when you are testing your medical device pouch using the ASTM F-88 testing methodology. The SPC-2 has a tolerance of 25mm (=1”) +/- 0.2mm and because of the solid build the SPC-2 stays true over time with basic product care.


Safe and reliable the SPC-2 specimen cutters are a vital tool for your medical device package testing program. The SPC-2 is a safer alternative to using X-Acto knives as blunt ends help to thwart operator sticks that could cause a blood-borne hazard as well as a hand injury.


The SPC-2 specimen cutting scissors are ruggedly built to provide years of accurate performance. The overbuilt architecture assures accuracy does not change over time with basic care. Ergonomic finger holes help with hand fatigue when developing an expansive DOE.

Tools from our Laboratory

We are an ISO-17025 accredited medical device pouch testing and calibration laboratory as well as a medical testing system provider. We use all of the tools and systems we sell each day in our own laboratory. Some of the patented systems we offer were developed in our laboratory to serve our customers goal of delivering medical devices safe to the point of care.

More testing throughput

Medical device packaging engineers know the best way to avoid a medical device packaging recall is to test pouches often. Our SPC-2 medical device pouch testing cutters are designed to streamline the pouch testing process when using the ASTM F-88 method for shorter data cycles. As the medical device industry moves towards daily testing the SPC-2 has become a tool of choice.

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Van der Stähl Scientific has helped thousands of medical device manufacturers deliver their devices safe and sterile to the point of care. We provide advanced microprocessor-controlled medical device pouch sealing machinery to deliver seal-to-seal consistency. With a host of medical device validation support options, you can choose from a selected area of support or a complete end-to-end validation package.


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