The MD-8000 is an innovative machine that combines a film reel dispenser and a heat sealer. This unique system automatically produces medical device pouches from standard reels in your desired length and widths.

Bring pouch making in-house

The MD-8000 Pouch making system combines a film reel dispenser and a heat sealer to automatically produce medical device pouches from standard reels in your desired quantity and length. The material consumption is kept to a minimum since the pouch length can be determined on a customized basis. With an output of up to 5,000 bags per hour and with the MD-8000’s compact dimensions, this machine is easy to integrate into your busy workflow. Operation and configuration are performed either via the integrated keypad or optionally using the innovative “hawo” intelligent scan system. The MD-8000 can be utilized with either flat or gusseted roll stock film. Take control of pouch inventory and save operational cost with the MD-8000.

Flexible and Compact

With the MD-8000 system, the pouch length can be determined on a customized basis. Utilize flat or gusseted pouch material from paper/ plastic or tyvek®/plastic. The material consumption is kept to a minimum reducing costs yet can operate in even the smallest of spaces.

High Output Rates

The MD-8000 high production rate is 14 cycles per minute (over 800 cycles per hour) allows pouches to be produced cost-effectively keeping up with demanding workflows. The wide reel holder can support up to six reels of film for a 5,000 pouches per hour capacity.

Data Collection

The MD-8000 as-v also features the option of recording critical process parameters on a USB stick drive. This data collection feature is designed to satisfy the requirement of routine documentation development of critical parameters in accordance with ISO 11607-2.

md 8000 pouchmaking machine

Control Pouch inventory

Managing multiple premade pouch sizes in your inventory is costly and can cause a host of challenges. With the all-new MD-8000 medical device pouch making system you can take control of your pouch inventory by making your own pouches in-house in a host of widths and lengths for the unique form factors of your devices. Correctly sized pouches help to assure a safer sterile barrier system by not burdening pouch edges with pouches that are too small or creating waste with pouches that are too large.

Validate your packaging

Whether you are a medical device manufacturing company, hospital or a clinic, managing inventories of premade pouches can be challenging. The MD-8000 not only offers incredible convenience and cost-saving for your organization, but the system also meets the demanding requirements of ISO-11607 part 2. With the optional sorting module, you can sort the finished pouches by size, conveniently remove, finish, bag and even shrink-wrap them. Call our engineering group at 800-550-3854 now and learn more about the exciting new MD-8000.

md 8000 pouchmaking machine

Explore Other Medical Device Packaging Systems

Hybrid sealer

The MS-451 has an integrated peel testing and visual inspection system to help assure compliant seals and ships with a full calibration. An all-in-one medical device packaging solution for device manufacturers to seal, test and inspect their pouches. The system outputs data via USB.

Testing Systems

Testing and inspecting is one of the single most important quality steps your company can take to avoid a packaging recall. With the PTT-100-V the process of testing and inspection is quick and easy. Learn more about all of our medical pouch testing and inspection solutions.

Rotary Sealers

With the MD-series packaging machines, the sealing process is managed with tight thermal controls and a highly accurate transducer that monitors sealing force. Fixed pressure and conveyance speed allow for a simple design of experiment. Print and seal with a single step with the MD-series sealer.

Decorate your cleanroom with medical packaging compliance

Your medical device sterile to the point of care

Van der Stähl Scientific has helped thousands of medical device manufacturers deliver their devices safe and sterile to the point of care. We provide advanced microprocessor-controlled medical device pouch sealing machinery to deliver seal-to-seal consistency. With a host of medical device validation support options, you can choose from a selected area of support or a complete end-to-end validation package.


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