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Although we are centered in technology, we have the heart of a country store. You could best describe our company culture as informed, energetic, and focused, come get to know us.

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We are an exuberant group of technologists that believe happy and healthy individuals engender a better customer experience. We are a family-owned company with an impressive reach as we are a key link in over a billion sterile transfers each year worldwide. Through our ISO/IEC-17025 accredited laboratory we are a key vendor for esteemed organizations such as Medtronic, the Center for disease control (CDC), the Department of Defense, NASA, and all of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers. All of our technological prowess is delivered through our interface that is customer-centered at every touchpoint. Please take a moment to look into our lives and get to know the people behind the products and services.
Medical Pouch Sealers

Medical Pouch Sealers

We offer a wide range of patented medical device packaging systems designed to meet FDA and ISO validation requirements.

Pouch Testing Systems

Pouch Testing Systems

We provide the industry’s most advanced medical device pouch testing systems to better manage packaging recall risks.

Empirical laboratory

Empirical laboratory

We are an ISO/IEC-17025 accredited medical pouch testing laboratory, ready to serve your medical packaging validation.

Certified training

Certified training

Certify your maintenance and calibration staff through our online video training. Avoid recall risks with advanced learning.

Machine Calibrations

Machine Calibrations

If you are an ISO-13485 company, stay compliant with our calibration performed in our accredited ISO-17025 laboratory.

Machine Service

Machine Service

Count on highly trained quality system certified technicians to perform service and repairs on your precision machinery.

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device packaging…

We love to tinker; in an exercise of innovation we have developed an expanding ice cream carton designed to prevent food contamination. We are currently developing a line of contamination barrier systems for the processing of human tissue.

Even in our ISO accredited medical device pouch testing laboratory we have created patented systems designed to assure pouch viability. Coming soon to our medical packaging line up look for more packaging and testing machinery designed to pave the regulatory pathway to compliance.

Van Der Stähl Scientific informed

Regulatory informed

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validation success.

As a provider of medical device packaging equipment we have been involved in hundreds of medical device packaging audits from multiple engineering cultures. Let us put our street level experience to work for your medical packaging validation.

Our validation support team leader Charlie Webb CPP has over 30 years of experience in micro-surgical medical devices and sterile packaging. He is a Six Sigma master black belt with several medical packaging patents and he has a keen eye on the current sterile device packaging Zeitgeist.

Van Der Stähl Scientific innovation

Vendor partner

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Strong vendor alliances are vital in order to deliver our products and services to the critical environment. The relationships we have with our manufacturing partners is vital to the way we deliver our concierge services to our valued clients.

Our vendors are more than just business partners and friends; they are truly family. Working collaboratively with Fuji Impulse for 25 years has been a true pleasure. Together we will continue to co-develop the next generation of zero defect sterile device packaging solutions.

We are innovating for safer sterile packaging

Pouch burst testing

Coming soon our rapid load medical device pouch burst testing system will add to our advanced medical pouch testing systems. The system will be ASTM F1140 / F1140M-13 compliant to help manage potential seal failures. Granular data collection from the systems included software will provide archival test data.

Visual pouch inspection

The patented VIU® can be placed in your cleanroom at the point of packaging to encourage the regular visual inspection of your medical pouch seals. Our patented low angle lighting source casts a light wash over the sealed area of the pouch to better reveal peaks on the sealed surface that could indicate a seal risk.

Isolation packaging

Our patent pending seal-through HTIP system isolates your process to help thwart cross contamination during donor packaging. This system greatly helps prevent machine contamination and increases machine component life cycles, reducing wipe downs and saving money while managing risks to donor recipients.

Technology from the trail…

Founded by hiking enthusiasts 26 years ago, our outside DNA runs deep at Van der Stähl Scientific. We have trekked literally thousands of hiking miles during our outside team meetings. These meetings in motion have created industry changing medical device packaging solutions.

In a age of web enabled doorbell cameras, wrist computers and self parking cars, our innovation group is always surprised at the slow evolution of medical device packaging machinery. As our group explores new smart medical device packaging technologies, we will continue to unlock better ways to package medical devices. Systems such as our MS-451 medical pouch sealer and package integrity laboratory are leading the way to greater patient safety. Not only is our machinery technologically advanced, it is also robustly built to provide years of trouble-free service.

Not only is our staff friendly and helpful, they are also incredibly competent, something you don’t seem to see a lot of these days. Every person at our company is trained and certified in a quality system such as Kaizen or Six Sigma. It is the simple things that make working with a company better, like answering the phone and delivering on a promise. This is why our customers return again and again to work with us. With more than 20 years of supporting our medical device customers we have made customer care an art form. Give us a call, we love to talk sterile packaging, 800-550-3854

If you are an ISO 13485 medical device manufacturer then you know the value of working with ISO accredited vendors. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory provides our customers with traceable machine calibrations and pouch testing services. Our medical device packaging machinery and medical device pouch testing devices ships with an NIST traceable certificate. We are also able to perform seal strength testing in order to help fast-track your validation and provide a third-party data pack for your installation qualification. Working with an accredited vendor partner is the pathway to compliance.

Our expertise is focused on medical device packaging and medical device pouch testing. Some packaging machinery companies cast a wide net by providing packaging machinery for multiple industries. The science and technology to package popcorn is very different than packaging a sterile medical device. We understand the regulatory girth that surrounds the arduous task of medical device packaging validation. There is multiple benefits in working with a company with a focused discipline. Our goal is to not be everything to everyone, simply put our mission is medical device packaging, period.





Listen in as we speak with the nation’s leading medical device packaging and manufacturing experts on SPOT radio. The goal of this Podcast is to engender a community of packaging and medical device manufacturing engineers that can pose questions to our panel of SME’s. We will cover all corners of medical device packaging from trending medical device packaging regulatory issues, new packaging technologies, and even general medical device manufacturing topics.

SPOT radio (sterile packaging on track) is quickly becoming the voice of medical device packaging. Listen in or join the conversation, we are always looking for more participants that would like to chat about medical device manufacturing and packaging. We have packed up our Podcasting equipment so we can deliver new Podcast episodes from Hotels and Campsites even from our Road-trip.

spot radio podcast notebook

Do active, healthy employees delivery better customer care?

Not only is our staff friendly and helpful, they are also incredibly competent, something you don’t seem to see a lot of these days. Every person at our company is trained and certified in a quality system such as Kaizen or Six Sigma. We are friends and family and we love our work, and we believe it shows at every touch point. Come see why our customers return again and again to work with us, give us a call, we love to talk sterile packaging. 800-550-3854

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Founded by a hiking enthusiast 26 years ago, our outside DNA runs deep at Van der Stähl Scientific. We have trekked literally thousands of hiking miles during our outside team meetings. From these meetings, we have invented patented medical device packaging systems that have changed the way that some of the nation’s leading medical device manufacturers package and test their medical pouches.

Our road-trip team will have the opportunity to duck off the road to camp, hike, and explore as they travel the first leg of this journey. Free-range employees engender better performance, this has been a company ethos from the very genesis of Van der Stähl Scientific. Thank you for following our unique journey to safer medical device packaging. We love our work, our customers, and playing outside. Invite us over to your company, learn more about our road-trip here.


Meet our Six Sigma master black belt, patented inventor and medical device packaging guru, contact Charlie for validation support.

Charlie A. Webb, CPP

Director of quality, new product development

The master of solutions, our Laboratory and Service Manager Cord Burnham guides our service, testing and calibration effort.

Cord Burnham, CKF

Director of laboratory and Calibration services

Hector is the master of media; he has a fresh eye on industrial design born from his time in the LA design district.

Hector Garcia

Media services, design and marketing

Our customers best friend, our General Manager Lisa Wassberg creates magic at every touch point for our medical device clients.

Lisa Wassberg, CKF

General manager, customer relationships

Sarah’s intuitive eye can solve machine issues with ease. Sarah is a Six Sigma Black Belt and understands the critical process.

Sarah Deputy, CKF

Testing and Calibration services

Sarah understands the complexities of medical device packaging validation and is your first connection transitioning to PCL

Sarah Rosenblum

Director of Sales and Marketing for PCL