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Sterile Packaging Roadtrip For Patient Safety

We have loaded up our rig and we are on the road demonstrating the world’s best medical device packaging and testing machinery. We will be hiking and camping as we make our way to medical device manufacturing companies and Hospitals during our patient safety Road-trip…

The silent epidemic of patient infections at the hospital

The COVID-19 event literally shut down the world and born from this pandemic was widespread awareness of virus propagation and infection. Surprisingly a lesser-known silent epidemic continues to persist, HAIs (hospital-associated infections) These infections threaten the lives of thousands of Americans each year and yet this epidemic gains little Press. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that HAIs account for approximately 1.7 million infections and 99,000 deaths each year. Although the problem is beginning to wane due to better healthcare worker training and smart technology, there is much left to be done in order to halt these needless deaths. There is no clear number of what impact sterile packaging has on the HAI problem, but it certainly plays a role. We invite you to explore this page and discover Van der Stahl Scientific’s journey as we hit the road for patient safety.
Medical Pouch Sealers

Medical Pouch Sealers

We offer a wide range of patented medical device packaging systems designed to meet FDA and ISO validation requirements.

Pouch Testing Systems

Pouch Testing Systems

We provide the industry’s most advanced medical device pouch testing systems to better manage packaging recall risks.

Empirical laboratory

Empirical laboratory

We are an ISO/IEC-17025 accredited medical pouch testing laboratory, ready to serve your medical packaging validation.

Certified training

Certified training

Certify your maintenance and calibration staff through our online video training. Avoid recall risks with advanced learning.

Machine Calibrations

Machine Calibrations

If you are an ISO-13485 company, stay compliant with our calibration performed in our accredited ISO-17025 laboratory.

Machine Service

Machine Service

Count on highly trained quality system certified technicians to perform service and repairs on your precision machinery.

rotary medical device sealer in a cleanroom

Sterile Packaging
& Testing Systems

As a medical device packaging machine VA hospital contract holder, we needed a way to get the word out on better ways to assure patient safety through better packaging technologies. It was also clear that medical device manufacturers needed assistance to learn how they can stay compliant with the ISO-17025-2019 medical device packaging requirements. So why not outfit a command unit van with demonstration equipment and have one of the nations leading medical device packaging technologist SME reach out onsite to medical device manufacturers and hospitals? Get your medical device packaging questions answered and get hands-on with the most advanced medical device packaging and testing machinery, right at your facility. Contact customer care and see if we are scheduled for your city, we would love to demonstrate our packaging and testing systems.

Medical Device

Packaging Podcast

Listen in as we speak with the nation’s leading medical device packaging and manufacturing experts on SPOT radio. The goal of this Podcast is to engender a community of packaging and medical device manufacturing engineers that can pose questions to our panel of SME’s. We will cover all corners of medical device packaging from trending medical device packaging regulatory issues, new packaging technologies, and even general medical device manufacturing topics. SPOT radio (sterile packaging on track) is quickly becoming the voice of medical device packaging. Listen in or join the conversation, we are always looking for more participants that would like to chat about medical device manufacturing and packaging. We have packed up our Podcasting equipment so we can deliver new Podcast episodes from Hotels and Campsites even from our Road-trip.
Steril packaging response team member
md 4000 medical device packaging sealer sketch with tray

Patient safety


device packaging…

Many Hospitals and some medical device manufactures seem to still be using medical device packaging machine technology that is 15 to 20 years old. Just think of your mobile phone (if you even had one 20 years ago) and how antiquated it would be today. The updated requirements for packaging a medical device requires a microprocessor-controlled packaging machine with software monitored sensors. The message is clear from the FDA and ISO, packaging machinery must conform to the higher demands of medical device packaging validation. Medical device manufactures and hospitals are upping their game in order to conform to the latest more robust regulatory requirements for medical device packaging. Van der Stähl Scientific is on the road to educate packaging engineers and Hospital SPD leaders on better ways to meet these thicker normative challenges.

Family time outside as we spread the word on medical device packaging compliance…

Mixing business with pleasure is a beautiful thing indeed, welcome to our sterile packaging mission that we have nicked named “Camping for Compliance” We are on the road demonstrating our patented “smart tech” packaging systems with a focused goal of preventing the sterility loss of medical devices. We will lead the “packaging systems upgrade” revolution and even sneak in some hiking and family fun as we roll out the miles.


Meet our Six Sigma master black belt, patented inventor and medical device packaging guru, contact Charlie for validation support.

Charlie A. Webb, CPP

Director of quality, new product development

The master of solutions, our Laboratory and Service Manager Cord Burnham guides our service, testing and calibration effort.

Cord Burnham, CKF

Director of laboratory and Calibration services

Hector is the master of media; he has a fresh eye on industrial design born from his time in the LA design district.

Hector Garcia

Media services, design and marketing

Our customers best friend, our General Manager Lisa Wassberg creates magic at every touch point for our medical device clients.

Lisa Wassberg, CKF

General manager, customer relationships

Sarah’s intuitive eye can solve machine issues with ease. Sarah is a Six Sigma Black Belt and understands the critical process.

Sarah Deputy, CKF

Testing and Calibration services

Sarah understands the complexities of medical device packaging validation and is your first connection transitioning to PCL

Sarah Rosenblum

Director of Sales and Marketing for PCL