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Safe to patient medical device packaging requires regular testing and inspection. With our VIU system, line operators can easily evaluate raw visual seal performance at the point of packaging.

standardize your visual inspection

The VIU® system is designed to standardize the visual inspection of the sealed area of the medical device pouch so that all inspectors/observers evaluate seal conditions under the same lighting and magnification. This helps to develop a pass/fail standard for your visual inspection plan. The stored line item data shows date, time, operator name and a failure identification number or a pass condition. You can also insert lot numbers of the pouches being inspected. Admin and operator levels of use, to easily develop a tiered user plan. The VIU® systems back-lit display is easily viewed by the operator and menu steps are simple and intuitive. Add visual inspection to your medical device packaging program as a simple nondestructive method of seal evaluation.

side lighting

With our patented side lighting operators can evaluate how light plays on the sealed surface. The magnification lens provides a close look at the sealed area yet provides a wide view to add context to the observation. The open ends allow visual inspection on a variety of pouch sizes.

Data Input

Store the pass/fail seal data electronically after each inspection to better isolate potential seal issues over time and lot runs. Easy to use intuitive pass/fail button help to thwart input errors. The bright backlit display provides an ergonomic visual interface with the VIU system.

data purge

After a medical packaging run, you can purge the stored inspection events. These line events can include markers such as lot number, date of inspection, pass/fail, operator name, and failure codes. This record can serve as an important reference for your internal audit archive.

standardize inspections

In medical device packaging our requirement is to remove or manage variables. With the VIU visual inspection system, each operator inspects the sealed area of the pouch with matching lighting and magnification. With the provided visual inspection guide operators can compare known issues with the results of their inspection to better isolate the failure type.

Visual and peel data

Destructive and nondestructive pouch performance testing on a single system. The VIU® system is also integrated on our PTT-100V seal strength testing device. Testing and inspection are the most vital piece of your medical device packaging quality plan. With our PTT-100V medical pouch testing and inspection lab, you can help thwart compromised pouches reaching the sterile field. Your PTT-100V ships with a full ISO 17025 calibration from our accredited calibration lab.
seal stats visual inspection tools




SEAL STATS™ now has in-app integration of our VIU™ visual seal reference database. This will allow packaging engineers to compare their visual seal anomalies against a comprehensive database of known seal failures. Identifying the type of visual seal failure is the first step in developing a cogent solution. After identifying the seal issue, you can navigate to well-defined remedies for your medical pouch sealing challenge.

The VIU™ reference database was developed by our certified packaging professional in our ISO 17025 accredited medical device pouch testing laboratory. This reference tool was created to simplify visual seal inspection with the goal of encouraging regular visual seal inspection.

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Cutting your pouch samples with a razor knife is time consuming and poses safety risks.  The robust build of the SPC-2 prevents device flexing that could affect pouch sample consistency.

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Testing and inspecting is one of the single most important quality steps your company can take to avoid a packaging recall. With the PTT-100V the process of testing and inspection is quick and easy. 

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Ready to use out of the box. Simply seal your pouch as usual, with the Seal Check strip as the middle film, and visually evaluate the seal event you just performed for known seal issues.

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Van der Stähl Scientific has helped thousands of medical device manufacturers deliver their devices safe and sterile to the point of care. We provide advanced microprocessor-controlled medical device pouch sealing machinery to deliver seal-to-seal consistency. With a host of medical device validation support options, you can choose from a selected area of support or a complete end-to-end validation package.


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