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Hospitals & clinics seek better medical device packaging…

Some medical device packaging machines and systems that have been utilized for over 50 years are still being used in some clinics and hospitals. Central processing is now in a sterile processing renaissance, seeking better ways to manage infection with microprocessor controlled and monitored packaging machinery, enter Van der Stähl Scientific.

medical packaging systems - medical pouch testing

Advanced medical device packaging laboratory

Hospitals and clinics can utilize the same advanced testing equipment used by ISO-13485 medical device firms to prevent patient infection through package testing. Quality teams agree, the best way to thwart the risk of packaging failure and loss of medical device sterility is through accurate and regular pouch testing and inspection.

Are you confident that your device will arrive sterile?

At the point of care your staff and patients should not need to wonder if medical devices are safe and sterile. Inferior equipment puts an unfair burden on your central processing staff. Join the movement that is championing better packaging systems. Explore the many medical device packaging and testing options from Van der Stähl Scientific.

Hospitals take medical device packaging to new heights

The trend is undeniable, although we typically serve the manufacturer of medical devices, over the last few years we have seen a huge increase of attention from Hospitals and clinics. These organizations desire to up their game by purchasing packaging machinery and systems that can be validated. As nosocomial infection continues to sweep into the point of care hospitals are pushing back with better packaging machinery and package testing solutions. On this page of our site we have assembled machinery that is well suited for the Hospital or Clinic. Are you ready to push ahead with advanced systems aimed at total patent safety?


We have a host of medical device packaging systems that can help your central processing function manage packaging and medical pouch testing at your facility. Contact engineering to learn more about our products today.

Surgery Centers

In the fast paced environment of a surgery center our systems shine. Microprocessor controlled medical packaging machinery monitors settings and can print on Tyvek pouches important expiry dating and lot numbers.


We offer affordable medical device packaging and testing machinery for small clinics and even doctor and dentist offices. Even small organizations know the value of managing patent infections through better sterile medical packaging.

A medical packaging Superstar

The MS-350 medical device pouch sealer has become a favorite of medical packaging engineers worldwide. Easy to setup this precision packager develops consistent temperature and force for seal-to-seal repeatability. This sealer can output an impressive amount of seals for a demanding workflow. The MS-350 ships to your cleanroom with an ISO-17025 accredited calibration from our in-house lab.

MS-SERIES Medical Pouch Sealer

Click the video link below and learn how the MS-350 sealer can transform your packaging workflow. Move up to better packaging with the host of features on this powerful machine. Safe and ergonomic the MS-350 sealer can transform your packaging program.

The sterile barrier systems best friend

The MS 350 medical device packaging machine creates a ten millimeter wide seal and can seal a pouch up to approximately thirteen inches wide. The sealer does not require an air supply, only standard 110-volt service. The MS 350 sealer can seal a variety of materials such as nylon, Tyvek®, Mylar and poly. The microprocessor allows for the adjustment of contact temperature, contact time and release temperature. Set the MS-350 sealer to a semiautomatic mode for touch free operation or activate with the foot or hand switch for better user flexibility.

  • Password protected settings
  • Multi-zone internal calibration
  • Adjustable auto-cycle mode
  • Powerful solenoid
  • Airless system operation
  • Easy wipe-down design

Deliver your medical devices sterile to the point of care

Why risk medical device sterility with inferior packaging machinery? Our line of packaging and testing machinery is designed to make certain that your devices arrive safely into the sterile field. The foundation of patent safely begins with efficacious medical devices that are delivered safe and sterile to the patient.

Industrial level packaging for hospitals and clinics

Roll-stock ready

Seal standard pouches or custom cut your pouch to size with the integrated cutting fixture. Medical devices with different sizes can be sealed on a single unit for better workflow management.

Intuitive user menu

Overly complicated machinery can cause a packaging failure. The MD 380 has an intuitive step menu that guides users to machine changes for better process compliance with little inservicing.

Sleek Stainless

Stainless steel The sleek stainless steel body means more flexibility with cleaning solutions and less surface area for contaminants to collect. The MD 380 is a winner of the Red Dot Design award.

Better controls mean better patient safety

As the industry moves towards more rigorous medical device packaging requirements, hospitals and clinics must step up with more advanced systems. The MD 380 medical device sealer offers sterile device packagers better controls to assure their sealed medical devices maintain the highest degree of patient safety.

More about the MD-380 Medical Pouch Sealer

With the MD 380 medical pouch sealer, hospitals, clinics and central-processing departments can have the same level of machine feedback as medical device manufacturers. The MD 380 is simple to use and will accommodate roll stock film as well as a standard three-sided sealed pouch. Simply feed your roll stock film through the sealing jaws, pull down the lever, and the constant heat platens deliver pre-set temperatures with extraordinarily tight tolerances. The MD 380’s stainless steel body allows for easy wipe downs and makes an attractive addition to your facility.

The design of the MD 380 is so unique, it was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2011 at its unveiling. But it’s not just easy on your eyes; it’s also easy on your wallet. Selling for a fraction of an OEM medical packaging machine, you can now have many of the microprocessor-controlled features of an OEM medical pouch sealer for the price of a simple impulse sealer. Under ISO 11607 requirements, sealers must control time, temperature and pressure. Get the facts and evaluate before you buy – send us a sample of your pouch for a risk-free seal analysis in our accredited laboratory today.

Simply feed your pouch and pull down the lever – when the sealing process is complete, the machine will beep, then lift the sealing lever and you have created a perfect seal. When packaging rollstock pouches you can custom cut the size of the pouch with the sealers cutting fixture. This process allows for the packaging of a wide range of sizes of medical devices. The MD 380’s proven functions add a new standard of quality to your packaging department.

Testing integration, the future of medical device packaging

Medical device packaging engineers agree the pathway to compliant device packaging is through regular testing and inspection. With our patented MS-451-PV medical device pouch sealing machine seal performance is verify with the onboard testing and inspection system.

More about the MS-451 Medical Pouch Sealer

The MS 451 PV medical pouch sealer controls all critical packaging attributes in order to assure seal-to-seal consistency. An advanced transducer manages platen pressure, which electronically feeds back data to the microprocessor in real-time. A thin film thermocouple also sends the thermal data of the sealing environment to finely manage sealing temperature. The function of testing and inspecting medical pouches is so valuable it should indeed be performed at the point of packaging. Our system not only encourages regular testing but requires and records the process. As the industry demands tighter controls and systems for medical device packaging, smarter packaging machines like ours will soon be a mandate. Why risk a packaging recall from inadequate packaging machinery and insufficient testing cycles?
The MS 451 PV is designed to prevent hundreds of thousands of poorly sealed pouches from reaching hospitals and clinic with compromised device sterility. Co-inventor of the MS 451 PV, Charlie Webb CPP, CKF states, “After working with literally hundreds of validations from small medical device startups to the nation’s largest medical device makers over the past 20 years, testing and inspection are everything. I believe many quality teams fail to test in process regularly which is a huge breach in a cogent sterile packaging program.” Integrating seal strength testing with the very machine that created the seals is an excellent way to control possible failures in your sterile packaging program.
The MS 451 PV allows quality teams to program required “stop and test” functions into the packaging machines microprocessor. This operation will automatically stop production, as scheduled, prompting the operator to perform a visual seal inspection with our visual inspection fixture. The sealer will then prompt the operator to perform a peel test, which is designed to harmonize with the ASTM F 88 seal strength test. If the seal does not pass your programed seal strength threshold, the machine will not continue to operate until a supervisor on the quality team investigates possible causation of the seal failure. You can program required testing stops with a calendar input or select cycles instead. Also input your own pass or fail seal value thresholds that best suit your validation and pouch type.

Seal and print your medical device package in a single step

Simply feed the open end of your medical device pouch into the MD-850/880 conveyance system and the sealer will feed your pouch though dual-heated platens that are precisely controlled with the systems accurate control-board. After sealing the MD-850/880 can print important data onto the pouch such as expiration and lot coding.

More about the MD 850/880 Medical Pouch Sealer

For over a decade, the MD 850/880 medical pouch sealers have been introduced into cleanrooms across North America in order to meet the high demand of the growing medical device industry. Despite the MD 850/880’s incredible feature list and performance capabilities, the size of the unit is impressively small and able to sit on any countertop in your cleanroom to work as a high-output packaging machine. The MD 850/880 was designed from the very beginning to meet the rigorous and tightening requirements of ISO 11607. This continuous feed packaging machine can develop impressive output every shift.
Feed the open end of your pouch and the MD 850/880 advanced conveyance system feeds your pouch across dual-heated platens that are precisely controlled using the system’s onboard computer. As your pouch conveys through the system, it now enters into the transducer-monitored pinch roller that engenders approximately 100 Newtons of force onto the pouch, finishing the sealing and curing process. After the pouch is sealed, it continues past the printhead and the unit now can print important markings such as ISO symbolization, expiration dating, date of manufacturing, lot codes, etc. All the printing is performed on the tailing end, on the non-sterile side of the seal.
Both MD 850 and MD 880 medical device packagers are designed for a simple validation process. Because the speed and pressure are fixed and monitored attributes, validation is developed through temperature adjustments only. This feature simplifies the design of experiment process as you create your sterile packaging validation. For ease of calibration these units utilize a machine-driven algorithm for a more accurate process. An intuitive menu system makes for easy setup when programming functions. The MD 850/880 can be used with our roller table in order to support heavy medical devices, such as orthopedic implants.

Powerful medical device pouch testing and inspection

Rapid pouch testing

Fast load grips and sample aliment tool make testing accurate and easy. Our include specimen cutting template assures test sample constancy. Grips return to home position after testing.

A smarter system

Test your pouch at compliant speeds and start distance and collect test data at 100 data points per second. Our spring check system verifies that the testing system is still running within calibration.

An eye on quality

The PTT-100-V incorporates a visual pouch inspection fixture to help identify seal failure. This patented VIU system help to identify possible seal failure by side lighting and magnification.

An eye on quality Assurance

The VIU can be placed in the cleanroom at the point of packaging to encourage regular inspection. Our patented low angle lighting source casts a light wash over the sealed area of the pouch to better reveal peaks on the sealed surface that could indicate a seal risk. Gazing through the lens the operator moves the pouch side to side to better invoke lighting that may provide clues to other pouch issues such as channels or bonding problems. The included seal reference sheet guides operators through the seal inspection process with illustrations of multiple known seal failure types. If the seal fails, operators can enter a failure type and the event will be electronically dated and time stamped.

Spec Sheet      View video

More about the VIU

Medical device companies that utilize visual pouch inspection have historically done so without any set standard. Quality teams find it difficult to write a protocol for the inspection of medical pouch seals when using multiple lighting sources and magnifications. With the VIU® system every operator is inspecting the sealed area under the same conditions so seal pass/fails can be more accurately determined. The VIU system’s integrated event record feature lets operators store date, time, inspector’s name, lot number and the pass/fail status of the inspection event onto the system’s onboard memory.

The human eye is an incredible machine. Despite our advanced electronic sensor technologies, we can’t even begin to touch the surface of the human eye’s amazing capabilities. It has a 200-degree viewing angle, can see 2.7 million colors and has a possible contrast ratio of about 1,000,000 to 1. The eye is the ultimate inspection device, and yet we seem to lean away from the human eye’s capability to other empirical data portals. With the VIU system, medical device manufacturers can visually inspect medical device pouches for visual anomalies such as pleats, channels and narrow seals. Visual inspection is a simple but effective tool in your total quality plan.

The VIU can be placed in the cleanroom at the point of packaging to encourage regular inspection. Our patented low angle lighting source casts a light wash over the sealed area of the pouch to better reveal peaks on the sealed surface that could indicate a seal risk. Gazing through the lens the operator moves the pouch side to side to better invoke lighting that may provide clues to other pouch issues such as channels or bonding problems. The included seal reference sheet guides operators through the seal inspection process with illustrations of multiple known seal failure types. If the seal fails, operators can enter a failure type and the event will be electronically dated and time stamped and the event can be purged from the VIU via USB connection for archiving.

DP-150 Dye-Pen Kit liquid quality assurance testing...

Often visual inspection alone can give inconclusive feedback to the quality of a medical device pouch seals. With the DP 150 you can add another tier of nondestructive testing between destructive testing cycles. Small seal anomalies such as channels and narrow seals are quickly revealed with a dye penetration test.

Explore our additional testing products

SPC-1 Specimen Cutter

Designed to use in concert with the ASTM F-88 peel study, this template specimen cutter can create a 1″ strip. This useful jig can save a great deal of time when performing an expanded DOE.

DP-150 Dye Pen Kit

There is no longer any need to mix messy dyes and surfactants when developing a dye solution for the ASTM F 1929 protocol. The DP 150 is premixed and ready to use right out of the bottle.

Seal Check Seal Test

Ready to use out of the box just seal your pouch as usual with the Seal Check strip as the middle film and visually evaluate the seal event you just performed for known seal issues.

Small in size big on Performance

With the FS 315 you can adjust temperature and pressure to fine tune the sealer’s performance for your unique bag material. The FS 315 is simple to service so the operator can perform maintenance with ease. This unit requires no compressed air, simply plug into a 110V power source and you’re ready to begin packaging. Small in size but big on performance, a solid solution for general packaging.

More about the FS-315 general use pouch sealer

Although it only takes a small amount of real estate on a countertop the sealer’s performance is impressive. The FS 315 sealer performs as well as machines at ten times the cost. The FS 315 utilizes an ingenious table activated jaw system that makes it extremely ergonomic for users. Gently press down on the table and the jaw lowers to quickly seal a bag. Utilizing an impulse sealing method where the material is heated and then cooled while under dynamic pressure, a perfect seal band is created every time. The FS 315 shop sealer comes complete with a robust parts kit in order to keep the sealer running smoothly for years to come.

You can now easily seal bags up to 12” with the FS 315 shop sealer. With the FS 315 you can adjust temperature and pressure to fine tune the sealer’s performance for your unique bag material. The FS 315 is simple to service so the operator can perform maintenance with ease. This unit requires no compressed air, simply plug into a 110V power source and you’re ready to begin packaging. This sealer comes with both 2mm and 5mm heating elements so you can create the seal width that best suits your process and pouch size. Because this little performer is packed with power it can seal a host of flexible films including poly bags, foil and foil laminate pouches.

Hunger relief organizations worldwide have used the FS 315 to package food products. When Hurricane Sandy swept through Haiti in October 2012, disaster relief organizations got busy. Hundreds of FS 315 sealers operated by dedicated volunteers packaged and shipped thousands of pounds of durable food products to people in need. The FS 315 is built on a rugged foundation that keeps the pace of a demanding packaging function. The FS 315 has a small form factor and can be move throughout your facility to package a host of pouch types. Flexible and powerful, the FS 315 is a sensible choice for light to medium industrial packaging.

VIU high resolution calibration waveform data

A closer look at machine performance

Your sealer ships to you with a high resolution calibration that includes waveform data to better evaluate your sealers performance. Our state of the industry laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and ready to serve. Your medical pouch sealer is ready to begin your packaging validation right out of the box.

Meet the people behind the products and services

Our staff of dedicated professionals are all trained and certified in quality system management and understand critical and regulated processes. With over two decades of medical device packaging experience our skilled team is ready to assist you along every touchpoint.

Our customers are talking

"...The Van der Stähl name has become a fan favorite within our metrology department because of the certification Van der Stähl performs on the units. When we receive the machines in, the metrology department needs to do very little to get these active..."

Our customers are talking

"Amazing company to work with. The information is exactly what we need to complete our IQ OQ PQ. Thank you!!!!!! Your company is a leap above the rest…"

Our customers are talking

"We have found Van der Stähl products and services to exceed our expectations. The sealers, test equipment and calibration services have been robust, efficient, and competitively priced. Van der Stähl is a key contributor to our continued success."

Our customers are talking

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and all the Van der Stahl Scientific team for going above and beyond to resolve the issues we had with our pouch sealer. Even though the issues were not of your doing, you took it upon yourself to make things right so we could meet the commitments that we made to our customers. We were blown away by your response and greatly appreciate you, not only for expediting the build, but for completely replacing the machine!"

Our customers are talking

"High level of customer service by a group of technicians and sales staff that know their product."

Our customers are talking

"Your customer service is even better than the great equipment you provide. Even on the other side of the world I know we can count on your team. We are customers for life. Van der Stähl has the best combination of equipment and people."


Partner with professionals who understand your business, Van der Stähl Scientific

As medical device packaging processes become more rigorous, it is essential to choose accredited and competent vendor partners. We deliver our machinery through our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory to give you a solid start on your installation qualification for your packaging validation. In our Laboratory we can develop seal strength values so you can better understand your aggregate packaging plan. We will continue to add to our scope to provide our customers with more services from our accredited testing and calibration laboratory.

Speak with an expert

When you are selecting critical packaging machinery for your medical device, skip the salesman and speak with a certified packaging engineer. Our team of experts includes Charlie A. Webb CPP, CKF, who is a certified packaging engineer and a six sigma black belt with more than 20 years of sterile packaging experience. Give us a call, we would love to chat...

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