Zero electrical spark risk




The saturated vapor powered EPV-610 bag sealer does not use any electricity to operate,  making it safe to package product in flammable or high particulate explosion risk environments.

safe packaging solutions with zero ignition sources

If you are packaging products in a flammable or particulate rich environment then you understand the risk of ignition and spark sources caused by industrial machinery. According to the most recent fire statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): On average 37,000 fire incidents occur at manufacturing companies each year. These incidents resulted in the deaths of 18 employees, injuring 279, and causing over one billion dollars in property damage. We invite you to learn more about the EPV-610 vapor powered pouch sealers. Call and speak with an application engineer now 800-550-3854.

Zero electricity

Temperature saturated steam provides the platen heat source for bag sealing. Even the onboard controller is electricity free. This thwarts the risk of ignition source explosions or fires when packaging in risky environments.

Flexible sealing

The EPV-610 can seal a wide range of bag materials, from clear poly bags to metalized and foil bags. The EPV-610 will create a wide, 8mm seal for a strong bond. With the sealers wide sealing jaw, you can seal large bags up to 24 inches.

Vacuum sealing

Our EPV-610-NTW sealer is fitted with a vacuum packaging system so you can vacuum package your product with the same safety as the standard EPV-610 machine. Vacuum packaging your oxygen sensitive product has clear benefits.

EPV-610 Steamsealer

EPV-610 Steamsealer

Years in development, the EPV-610 series sealers are the clear choice for packaging products in a high particulate or flammable environment. The EPV-610 is available as a standard bag sealer or as a vacuum bag sealer EPV-610-NTW. Manage ignition risks in production with our zero electricity packaging system.

air controlled

Our ingenious air powered onboard controller is electricity and spark free so you can seal your bags in a hazardous environment.

explosion safe

In high particulate and flammable environments, a spark from a sealer could be an ignition point, electricity free is explosion safe.

multiple films

User selected temperatures allow for the use of a host of bag materials such as nylon and foil. Users can easily change settings.

impulse sealing

For better seal quality and repeatability, we utilize heat/cool cycles of impulse sealing. The end result is a stronger bag seam.

fast packaging

Adjustable temperatures allow for the fine tuning of the heat sealing parameters in order to create the strongest seal rapidly.

operator safe

The EPV-610 uses spring action so no forcible pressure is applied should a finger be caught, and releasing the foot switch opens the jaw.

“On average, 37,000 fire incidents occur at manufacturing companies each year, these incidents resulting in the deaths of 18 employees, injuring 279, and causing over one billion dollars in property damage”

Source: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire statistic

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Van der Stähl Scientific has helped thousands of medical device manufacturers deliver their devices safe and sterile to the point of care. We provide advanced microprocessor-controlled medical device pouch sealing machinery to deliver seal-to-seal consistency. With a host of medical device validation support options, you can choose from a selected area of support or a complete end-to-end validation package.


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