Learning from experts is as easy as one click of a button.
-Hana D’Amico

With over 100 million Americans tuning into podcasts every month, it’s easy to understand why there seem to be new shows, hosts, and topics popping up daily. Whether you are looking for a quick laugh or interested in keeping up with the latest murder mystery, there is certainly something available for everyone. The podcasting industry offers a wide range of entertainment for listeners of varying interests. However, entertainment is no longer the only use; many listeners also tune in for the educational aspects.

In the past, if you wanted to hear from an expert in the field, you needed to hop on an airplane, fly across the country, and attend a conference hosting the particular expert you were interested in learning from. With many experts taking to podcasting to share their knowledge, interested parties no longer need to make the cross-country trek to gain valuable insight into various topics. Now, you can easily listen from your car or even pop your earbuds in while shopping for groceries. The opportunities to learn and grow in any particular field are endless as more and more hosts share their knowledge with their adoring fans.

Think of any field or industry you want to learn more about; I’m willing to bet there are several podcasts out there ready and willing to educate anyone interested in tuning in. Of course, the medical packaging industry is no exception. If you are interested in keeping up with the latest medical device packaging and healthcare packaging trends, there is certainly a podcast for you. A particular podcast, SPOT Radio, hosted by Charlie Webb CPPL, has provided valuable education for its listeners for years. Like many podcasts aimed at education, SPOT (Sterile Packaging On Track) Radio podcast aims to “engender a community of packaging and manufacturing engineers that can pose questions to our panel of SMEs.”

As the president of Van der Stahl Scientific, a medical device packaging and pouch testing machine provider and packaging testing and calibration laboratories, Charlie Webb has an impressive body of knowledge and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others interested in healthcare packaging. Topics range from trending medical device packaging regulatory issues to new packaging technologies. In addition, Charlie shares “a host of case studies designed to make your medical device packaging program more robust.” Not only do listeners have the pleasure of learning from the host, but SPOT radio also teams up with other leaders in the industry to provide additional knowledge and insight for listeners.

As the podcasting industry continues to welcome more experts in their field, those willing to seek out knowledge will benefit from the ability to stay up to date, learn from leaders in the industry, and grow their passion and excitement for any topic imaginable. If you haven’t joined countless others listening to podcasts, there is no time like the present. Hop onto your favorite audio streaming site and explore the entertainment and, more importantly, the education available with just a click of a button.

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