The medical device packaging industry has a long history behind it that accounts for the constant improvements and upgrades that have made it what is today. The sharp new technology and numerous testings have helped this industry bloom because it added that extra safety component to the way we understand medical device packaging today.
Nowadays, according to the statistics, the USA, Japan and Western Europe account for about 60% of the total market for medical device packaging. However, the demand for medical packaging in these countries will drop down the average global pace due to mainly two aspects: the increasing costs of health care and the growing competition due to multiple suppliers.

These new medical device packaging suppliers have arisen from developing parts of the globe and countries such as India, Mexico, and China mostly, but also Africa and Middle Eastern countries. The new competition arising from developing countries is the resultant of the new stricter regulations and requirements of medical product industries that have done nothing else than force the quality to go up regarding the production of medical containers and related accessories.

The “World Medical Device Packaging” study conducted by The Freedonia Group, Inc. has reported that the demand for medical packaging industry will know a growth by 5.9% annually, reaching a $25.7 billion in 2017. Although the competition will grow worldwide as a consequence of the increasing market demand, the USA will continue to be the leader on the market according to Freedonia. The main reason why USA will still lead the medical device packaging industry in its expansion is because of the advanced medical product producers that commercialize new high value-added supplies as well as instruments, and equipment with specialized packaging needs.

Western Europe and Japan will benefit as well from the new products that will be introduced to the market and from the new government and industry standards that will come. While in the developing world, the study shows that China will be the leading sales opportunities market for medical device and packaging because of its flourishing export and domestic market of its medical products. This is also the reason why China will fight to become one of the leading global medical packaging developer and supplier.

The study conducted by Freedonia also offers us a view towards the future of medical packaging demand and the products’ direction of evolution. Cost effective medical packages will know a growth in production and sales for the years to come. Here we refer to pouches and trays that will continue to lead sales among container type medical packages. These special containers and packages will come with important improvements making them even more infection-resistant and secure for transportation and handle. The medical containers and packages that eliminate staff errors risks such as the multiple-compartment trays will also be sales leaders in the nearby future. The thing with the multiple-compartment trays is that besides lowering the risks of medical mistakes they also prevent and stop the spread of infectious agents during the preparation of products for surgery and various other medical procedures. Having this in mind, it is safe to say that the medical packages and containers that will continue to lead the markets are those who will meet more requirements in one pack and work for various medical situations. According to the same study, the clamshells packs that are known to offer extra protection against product damage during transport and storage, will lead the medical device packaging because they exceed the all the advantages of rigid trays. Bags and boxes, on the other hand will know a below average growth in demand until the year of 2017.

Other medical packages and containers such as blister packs and glass vials will see a rapid growth in production and usage among medical and pharmaceutical producers worldwide. The rapid growth of contact lens packaging will lead to an exponential production of blister packs in the future years, while glass vials will continue to be the most common container used to pack diagnostic reagents and related substances in the USA and worldwide.
It isn’t news that medical packaging impacts health outcomes, no matter the medical situation, this being the reason why it is very important to focus our attention in constantly improving medical device packaging. This is our mission at Van der Stahl Scientific, where we constantly test and retest innovative package containers for medical supplies.
Being pioneers in the industry of medical device packaging, we are ready to successfully face the expansion of this industry worldwide and provide optimal solution for the old and the new medical supplies.

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