Medical Packaging 101

Medical packaging is obviously serious business. Even the most efficacious medical device can be rendered dangerous in the presence of surface contaminants. Obviously, devices, particularly implantable devices, are used in a sterile environment whereas the patient is typically quite ill. Medical packaging has the daunting duty of preserving sterility so it can be delivered contaminant free.

Medical packaging, therefore, is a strict, tightly regulated and codified process. The medical packaging machinery that your firm selects, indeed, can be a matter of life and death to the sick patient in need of your product. Oftentimes, because medical packaging equipment is the final stop in capital equipment purchases, it is relegated to vendors under the spirit of the lowest bidder. Medical packaging is far too important to not consider all the important machine attributes that will stand up against the rigors of the sterile barrier system. It is more than just making sure equipment is packaged correctly, it insures safety to patients, companies and caregivers worldwide.

Medical packaging is now being developed under a world standard will help to assure that no matter where a medical device is being delivered worldwide, the same level of care under the sterile barrier system standard will assure that the device remains sterile and efficacious.

Medical packaging machines, often called medical bag sealers or medical pouch sealers, generically refer to medical packaging machines. In fact, it’s more common to refer to medical packaging machines as medical bag sealers, therefore medical bag sealers are synonymous with medical device packaging machines.

Finding the right people in the Medical Packaging Industry

When looking for the right medical packaging company there are several areas of expertise you should assess. The first of course will be the product and service. In the strict guidelines of the medical packaging industry the product and service purchased must be extremely well maintained, meet strict codes and be an extraordinary and a reliable product.

Secondly, the provider of critical packaging machinery should have trained individuals who understand not only the technical attributes of their own machinery, but should have a solid foundation of understanding the regulatory process that they are working under. For instance, our company employs certified packaging professionals in order to make certain our customers have competent certified support so customers can understand their purchase specification issues and regulatory concerns against the products that they offer.

Finally, the third aspect of finding the right medical packaging company for your needs will be estimating and testing the efficiency and on-time delivery of the products they provide. The industry is strained when it comes to this part of service. Most often the items needed in this industry are needed quickly and without delay; having a reliable company that delivers on time every time will benefit you every day that you are waiting for important supplies to be delivered.

Knowing when your service or product are of good quality (procurement)

Knowing that the service and products which you are purchasing are of great quality is equal to knowing more than just what the company is producing materially. Part of the process of knowing about the complete quality and service of a company is knowing the processes that the employees in the company adhere to.

Knowing that a company is educating their employees in a manner that makes your one support call the only call you need to make will save you time and money in the future. Knowing that the company you hire takes the time to ensure that it’s employees are trained in every aspect of the medical packaging field will add confidence to the answers and guarantees you receive from the company through support, purchases and contracts.

Finally knowing that the company is just as interested in your education as you are is valuable. Programs such as our validation report radio and validation audio CDs that are a no-cost training program designed to help our customers stay compliant in the constantly evolving process of medical packaging. When a company is willing to impart its knowledge and growing education with its clients, the fact is usually that the company takes pride in knowing that they are offering the best, and if they are not and you are educated you will know that they are offering a less than perfect product and will likely look elsewhere for your medical packaging needs.

In our industry, where some companies may utilize the identical machine architecture of a simple bag sealer and add a PLC (programmed logic controller) and call it a medical sealer, our firm knows that this type of fusion does not create the best product and that is why our medical packaging machines, such as the MS-350 and the MS-451PV are designed specifically from the base plate up for the exacting precision duty of sealing medical pouches and bags. Medical packaging is continuing to become more and more strict each year and it is the medical packaging machines that will aid quality personnel in the successful completion of a solid, competent, and scientific medical packaging program.