Van der Stahl Scientific is an accredited ISO 17025 laboratory, and in order for us to be sure that the systems we are using in our laboratory are accurate, we are required to do two important steps. One, the devices must be calibrated with NIST traceable certs calibrated by an outside laboratory that is also 17025 accredited. We also are required to perform proficiency testing, whereas testing methods and systems are compared to other outside laboratories. This multiple laboratory testing prevents incestuous data that could skew results to our customers.

It is with the same spirit we developed the spot, S-P-O-T (sterile packaging on track) program. The SPOT program is designed to have similar process security as it evaluates your internal medical device pouch testing program against another accredited laboratory.

The program is simple, you need only to send your sealed pouches to our laboratory and we will perform a 30 specimen study and provide you accredited reporting that demonstrates your medical devices pouches performance against your own internal performance values.

This again helps you understand potential sampling or testing fallacies that you may have in-house. It also helps to provide robustness for your total medical device pouch testing program. We invite you to watch this short video on how the spot program works. We believe once you see how simple, yet powerful this outside laboratory service is you will want to participate in this monthly program.

From our 25 years in medical device packaging, we have many engineers that have told us they wish they had more peel data both in-house and through independent laboratories when they were audited because without good regular testing it’s very difficult to know for sure that no pouch failure has occurred during the course of a year. For more information, contact customer service at 800-550-3854.