We are now in the early stages of evaluating a nationwide outreach program to visit hospitals and clinics throughout North America so we can demonstrate sterile packaging and testing systems that could greatly benefit patient safety by lowering the number of contacts with the non-sterile medical device due to improper packaging and sterilization.

Approximately five years ago we prototyped this outreach program, one of the challenges we faced was the long distances between medical device manufacturers. Because hospitals and clinics are more clustered we believe this outreach program will allow us to see more central processing professionals, this would allow us to demonstrate sterile medical device packaging systems that could greatly benefit patient outcomes.

We will be on the road soon spreading the news about “new-tech” medical device pouch packaging and testing systems for our hospital and clinic customers. This whistle-stop tour is designed to let us demonstrate the value of the medical device validation process and to showcase the latest advances in sterile medical device packaging systems.

Our company feels that advanced training in the central processing segment of the hospital is vital in order to assure that the best practices and procedures are taking place. Hospital administrators are now reaching out to SME to fast-track needed improvements for their aging packaging systems and procedures.

According to www.specialtycare.net “An experienced leader in Lean Six Sigma or a similar quality methodology can help hospitals create sterile processing value stream maps that identify solutions for bottlenecks, errors, and defects.”

Also, smarter, more integrated packaging machinery will play a bigger role in enhancing safer sterile processing. Packaging machines that are able to integrate into enterprise systems will deliver crisper data feedback that will be able to track sterilization events for better trending and process management. We have already begun working with the Veterans Administration hospital group and we will continue to encourage other hospitals to join in this “packaging system upgrade” revolution. We will post more about this medical device packaging outreach program as it develops in this area of our website as well as our Facebook page. If you would like us to visit your hospital or clinic contact customer service as we will be developing a route in the near future, contact customer care at 800-550-3854.