Orthopedic Pillow

Orthopedic Pillow

Is your current pillow no longer offering you a proper headrest and, no matter what you do, you are not able to sleep? Maybe it is time to consider switching from your traditional pillow to an orthopedic one and we, at Sterling Sleep Systems, are ready to provide you with several options.

What is an orthopedic pillow?

This pillow was designed to correct your body posture while sleeping or laying on a surface. Considering that we spend almost 30% of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to use this time to help our body remain healthier for a longer time. Correcting your body posture will allow you to live a pain-free, comfortable life.

While a standard pillow upholds the head or other body parts for a comfortable sleeping position, an orthopedic pillow takes is to the next level. They are designed to offer comfort and also do pain management. For this reason, they are called therapeutic pillows as well, helping in easing breathing difficulties, or blood circulation problems.

What does a therapeutic pillow do?

If you have a pain in the neck (literally suffering an acute episode of neck pain), the therapeutic pillow may help you get rid of it. Sometimes these episodes will make you lose your night sleep, and the pain can even get worse in the morning. Your full day will be affected, and you would probably welcome any suggestions to put a stop to this.

A specialized pillow can also help you avoid the acid reflux and heartburn while some of them are perfect for treating snoring. There are several types of therapeutic pillows available in the market based on the shape and the body part to bolster  :

  • Contour pillows, also known as cervical pillows, are made of memory foam or latex. The unique concave shape of this pillow allows your head and neck to rest, helping you to maintain a healthy position during the night
  • Buckwheat pillows – they are made of tiny hulls perfectly filling the space between your head and the mattress, which eliminate the pressure points in your neck and back
  • Neck pillows have a baffle designed to support your spine so that your neck and head are in the correct position
  • The wedge pillows have a triangular shape and can be used to support different parts of your body. When used for propping your upper body can help ease the acid reflux

Should I change my pillow?

If your feather pillow gives you a good night rest and you feel refreshed the next morning, most probably you should not change it yet. On the other hand, if you have constant neck pain or if you wake up feeling tired, we would advise you to visit our shop and look for an orthopedic pillow.

At Sterling Sleep Systems, we may have already the answers to your questions. And while you are here, we will try to understand your problem and to suggest a suitable solution.

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