Creekside Eye Doctor

Creekside Eye Doctor

Your Creekside eye doctor keeps you performing at your highest capability. At Glimpse Eye Care, we know that your eyesight is important and work hard to provide the best care for every patient.

Types of Eye Doctors

Your eyes are complicated. They are your natural camera. Millions of tiny cones filter and manipulate light for your brain to interpret. Such a complicated instrument requires an expert approach in care.

An eye doctor is tailored to the type of care you need. An optometrist can prescribe lenses and find diseases such as hypertension, glaucoma, and even diabetes. An opthamologist can diagnose a wider range of conditions and treat conditions surgically as needed.

Finding the Right Optometrist

The majority of people experiencing vision loss require the help of an optometrist. There are many companies that abuse this fact solely to make money. They seek to sell the most and highest cost products they can in an eyeglass factory. 

Good optometrists treat your condition and not their wallet. We seek to find the right prescription, frames, and lenses for your eyesight, taste, and lifestyle, within your budget. We can help you find more advanced treatment as needed.

Commitment to a Good Experience

Glimpse Eye Care believes that good service translates into quality care. We treat every patent like family. 

When you enter our doors we offer a thorough exam and listen to your needs. You will leave looking your best and seeing better than ever. Do not compromise on your eyesight. It is almost as important as your heart.  

Finding the Right Frames

When you are ready to start seeing clearly, we are ready to help you find the right lenses and frames. From the functional to the aesthetic, there are many pairings to fit any need and taste.

Durable athletic frames are perfect for the active child or adult. Trendy and stylish frames are built for those looking to make a splash. The days of thick, goggle-sized eyeglasses are long gone. Our post-exame sales team is here to help you navigate a world of choice.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services do not end once you leave. We want to make sure that every patient is treated well. If you do not like your frames or find that your prescription does not work, Glimpse Eye Care offers a 60 day guarantee.

If you love your new style, we can also help craft the perfect pair of glasses. Our prescription adjustments are free of charge. We want you to be able to make the most of your life. Daily activities just are not the same with an inaccurate prescription.

Creekside Eye Doctor

Your Creekside eye doctor should not be a last resort. You are not a number and your eyesight is extremely important for a full and healthy life. Never settle when it comes to something so important.

Glimpse Eye Care treats every patient like family. From reception to the first 60 days with your new style and beyond, we are here to help. Become a part of our family today. Schedule an appointment.

Creekside Eye Doctor
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Creekside Eye Doctor
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