Vacuum packaging has clearly benefited our customers and their products. It’s widely known that many products, particularly food products can greatly benefit from a controlled environment, which vacuum packaging provides.

Whether that product is food, medical devices or electronics, vacuum packaging has shown to have known benefits as it not only does the controlled environment minimize oxidation, the vacuum pack can also cradle a product, providing stability during shipping. Vacuum packaging provides a controlled environment for the products packaged with vacuum sealing equipment. Vacuum packaging for food products is widely used as the evacuation of air reduces oxidation and prevents freezer burn.

Vacuum Packaging Equipment

Vacuum packaging equipment can be found in many shapes and styles. Hand held vacuum sealers could easily take care of small jobs that are infrequent. Larger vacuum sealers can range from sizes that fit well on a table top to industrial sized vacuum packaging equipment.

If you are seeking packaging machinery for small jobs such as a home device, many of these vacuum packaging machines can be purchased at large variety stores. These units take up little space and incorporate their own small vacuum pump. These units, however, would not be a good choice for vacuum packaging in an industrial setting where robustness and power are paramount. Even in the industrial sector of vacuum packaging machines or vacuum sealers, there is a wide variety of machines depending on your daily throughput or the type of product you are vacuum packaging. Many commercial vacuum sealers incorporate a venturi vacuum pump, however our products, such as the V-402, utilize a captive on-board piston-type vacuum pump that we believe is a much better choice.

Other options in vacuum packaging machines that are convenient are the option to seal only. This can make your machine twice as useful when needing only to seal packages but not needing a vacuum tight package. If you are in an industry or small business that requires your packaging to pass strict guidelines such as medical, it is important that your vacuum packaging machine be equipped with a microprocessor that manages all of the critical sealing parameters such as temperature, dwell and release temperature. Also, vacuum packaging machines can also incorporate gas flushing that allows operators to flush their pouch with an inert gas in order to reduce the ambient environment into low parts per million.

In the presence of an ambient environment, product can decay quickly. Products like coffee grounds become stale, and other products in the presence of moisture can also decay quickly. Some of our customers have highly sensitive optical parts for equipment such as lasers and any moisture that may be present in an uncontrolled environment may haze or compromise the lens quality. Some of these lens parts cost thousands of dollars, and therefore great care goes to assure their safe transit and storage.

There are other secondary benefits of vacuum packaging your product. Many products shift violently during the shipment process and cause the products to be damaged. Vacuum packaging hugs the product in place, thwarting this violent movement.