Van der Stahl Scientific is centered around patient safety. We have had several customers in the past that process human donor tissue that had concerns about cross-contamination between donor events. With the development of our HTIP system (human tissue isolation pouch), our goal is to create a disposable single case isolation pouch that will prevent the donor packaging event from contaminating the packaging machine.

When processing human tissue cross contamination is an always present threat. With our patent pending HTIP system (human tissue isolation pouch), our customers can avoid packaging machine contamination. Our seal-through HTIP system isolates your process to help thwart cross-contamination between donor events.

This system greatly helps prevent machine contamination and increases packaging machine component life cycles, saving money while managing infection risks to donor recipients.

For aseptic packaging process of all kinds, the HTIP system can help to isolate packaging events that will greatly enhance bioburden conditions at the point of packaging. To learn more about this exciting product. We invite you to visit this link.