Print and seal your medical device pouch in a single step

German engineered and built, the MD 850 medical pouch sealer, and our latest model, the MD 880 medical pouch sealer are excellent choices for medical device companies wishing to seal their TyVek® and clear film pouch. With complete attention to the rigors of the sterile barrier system, both the MD 850 and MD 880 are high production performers.

Your advanced medical device packaging solution

The value of even the most stellar medical device is lost if sterility is compromised. Packaging your medical device with confidence with a medical device pouch sealer from Van der Stähl Scientific. We serve the worlds largest and smallest medical device firms with equal care and support. We invite your to explore our site today and see why we are the first choice in medical device packaging.

Hospitals and clinics seek better packaging…

Some packaging machinery systems that have been utilized for over 50 years are still being used in some clinics and hospitals. Central processing is now in a sterile processing renaissance, seeking better ways to manage infection with microprocessor controlled and monitored packaging machinery, enter Van der Stähl Scientific.

Medical device packaging systems designed to perform

The MD 850/880 and MD-3010 medical pouch sealers are built on a robust platform for years of trouble-free duty. This sleek stainless steel design adds sophistication to your cleanroom. Heavy duty performance and advanced system controls are your pathway to compliance. Remember, when you buy an MD-850/880 from Van der Stahl Scientific America, you are getting much more than accurate, long-duty scientific machinery. You are getting the support of our on-staff certified packaging engineers, initial no-cost metrology services, no cost pouch testing and our in-stock guarantee on most of our models.

Easy Setup

Setup is easy with our intuitive menu system. Easy to read seen that can be set in multiple languages guide users through machine settings. Printer is also setup with easy to understand keys with feedback from the brightly lit display.


With the patented FontMatic technology the MD-series sealer automatically recognizes the width of the pouch and adjusts the font size. No more worrying about printing over the pouch edge as you move from narrow to wide pouches.


Our sealers ship to you from our fully accredited ISO-17025 calibration laboratory. We perform temperature calibrations at multiple thermal zones for better accuracy. We also calibrate the systems pressure transducer to 100 newtons.

Touch to program Simplicity

The MD-3010 is a feature rich medical device packaging and pouch printing device built for the future of the sterile barrier system. Easy touch screen commands makes programing sealing and printing attributes simple. And now with the MD-3020 you can print barcodes onto your medical device pouch.

MD-series Pouch Sealers

Click the video link below and learn how the MD-seires sealers can transform your packaging workflow. Our sealers small footprint keeps counter tops open for a cleaner workstation.

Performance in sterile medical packaging

As medical device packaging requirements tighten, the MD-series pouch sealers are ready to face these new more rigorous regulatory mandates. With the MD-series packaging machines, the sealing process is managed with tight thermal controls and a highly accurate transducer that monitor sealing force. Fixed pressure and conveyance speed allow for a simple design of experiment (DOE) when developing your medical device packaging validation. Every new MD-series pouch sealer is delivered calibrated from our ISO-17025 accredited laboratory, ready to begin the packaging of your medical device.

  • Easy feed ergonomic packaging
  • Alphanumeric and symbol printing
  • Simple setup with step menu
  • Requires no air supply to operate
  • Tight thermal accuracy +/- 2%
  • Seal check system for validation

Seal and print your medical device pouch in a single step

Simply feed the open end of your medical device pouch into the MD-850/880 conveyance system and the sealer will feed your pouch though dual-heated platens that are precisely controlled with the systems accurate control-board. After sealing the MD-850/880 can print important data onto the pouch such as expiration and lot coding.

MD-850 Sealer

Choose the MD-850 if your need the basic requirements of sealing and printing a medical device pouch. A proven performer, this has been our most popular rotary sealer for over 15 years.

MD-880 Sealer

Choose the MD-880 if you wish to add the ValiScan barcode scanner for sealer input. Additional printing options as well as variable speed control and data collection for more advanced requirements.

MD-3010/20 Sealer

Choose the MD-3010/20 if you wish to utilize the robust features of the MD-880 model as well as our touch screen interface. This advanced sealer can also print 2 lines of data as well as barcoding.

For over a decade, the MD 850/880 medical pouch sealers have been introduced into cleanrooms across North America in order to meet the high demand of the growing medical device industry. Despite the MD 850/880’s incredible feature list and performance capabilities, the size of the unit is impressively small and able to sit on any countertop in your cleanroom to work as a high-output packaging machine. The MD 850/880 was designed from the very beginning to meet the rigorous and tightening requirements of ISO 11607. This continuous feed packaging machine can develop impressive output every shift.
Feed the open end of your pouch and the MD 850/880 advanced conveyance system feeds your pouch across dual-heated platens that are precisely controlled using the system’s onboard computer. As your pouch conveys through the system, it now enters into the transducer-monitored pinch roller that engenders approximately 100 Newtons of force onto the pouch, finishing the sealing and curing process. After the pouch is sealed, it continues past the printhead and the unit now can print important markings such as ISO symbolization, expiration dating, date of manufacturing, lot codes, etc. All the printing is performed on the tailing end, on the non-sterile side of the seal.
Both MD 850 and MD 880 medical device packagers are designed for a simple validation process. Because the speed and pressure are fixed and monitored attributes, validation is developed through temperature adjustments only. This feature simplifies the design of experiment process as you create your sterile packaging validation. For ease of calibration these units utilize a machine-driven algorithm for a more accurate process. An intuitive menu system makes for easy setup when programming functions. The MD 850/880 can be used with our roller table in order to support heavy medical devices, such as orthopedic implants.

Fast and Ergonomic

This affordable sealer has been the go to packager for startup medical device companies as well as the nations largest medical device makers. The MD-series sealer can be fed continuously to deliver an impressive daily output. The operator simply feeds the unopened end of the pouch into the unit and sealer quickly seals and prints the pouch. The MD-series sealers are designed to meet the regulatory demands of the ISO-11607 standard. Our stainless steel body allows for shift to shift wipedowns in order to manage bio-burden at your packaging station. Contact our engineering group and learn how the MD-series sealer can change the way you package.

Spec Sheet  View Video

Powerful medical device pouch testing and inspection

Rapid pouch testing

Fast load grips and sample aliment tool make testing accurate and easy. Our include specimen cutting template assures test sample constancy. Grips return to home position after testing.

A smarter system

Test your pouch at compliant speeds and start distance and collect test data at 100 data points per second. Our spring check system verifies that the testing system is still running within calibration.

An eye on quality

The PTT-100-V incorporates a visual pouch inspection fixture to help identify seal failure. This patented VIU system help to identify possible seal failure by side lighting and magnification.

medical pouch testing

Powerful data session waveforms from our laboratory

It is vital that to be able to easily interrupt the calibration or medical device pouch testing data from our laboratory. To make this process easier we generate easy to read waveform data as well as event time stamped line data so you can gain a solid understanding of the sealers performance during our calibration or testing session

More medical device packaging solutions to explore

Impulse Sealers

For many types of medical device pouches static impulse sealers are your best choice. If you are sealing a header bag or foil pouches, Impulse sealers will products a clean strong seal seam. Contact our engineering group if you need guidance on machine selection 800-550-3854.

Vacuum Sealers

Some medical devices with embedded drugs me be affected when in contact with ambient air. Vacuum and/or gas flushing your pouches are a good solution to controlling the pouch environment. Contact engineering to learn more about the benefits of vacuum packaging your medical device.

Testing Sealers

Testing and inspecting is one of the single most important quality steps your company can take to avoid a packaging recall. With the PTT-100-V the process of testing and inspection is quick and easy. Learn more about all of our medical pouch testing and inspection solutions.

VIU high resolution calibration waveform data

A closer look at machine performance

Your sealer ships to you with a high resolution calibration that includes waveform data to better evaluate your sealers performance. Our state of the industry laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and ready to serve. Your medical pouch sealer is ready to begin your packaging validation right out of the box.

Fast track packaging validation with our “Installation Qualification” support

The headwater of a solid medical device packaging validation begins with the foundation of a clear “IQ” Installation Qualification. The standard is clear, to develop a cogent medical device packaging plan we must explore packaging machine capabilities and limits, let us help.

Our customers are talking

"...The Van der Stähl name has become a fan favorite within our metrology department because of the certification Van der Stähl performs on the units. When we receive the machines in, the metrology department needs to do very little to get these active..."

Our customers are talking

"Amazing company to work with. The information is exactly what we need to complete our IQ OQ PQ. Thank you!!!!!! Your company is a leap above the rest…"

Our customers are talking

"We have found Van der Stähl products and services to exceed our expectations. The sealers, test equipment and calibration services have been robust, efficient, and competitively priced. Van der Stähl is a key contributor to our continued success."

Our customers are talking

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and all the Van der Stahl Scientific team for going above and beyond to resolve the issues we had with our pouch sealer. Even though the issues were not of your doing, you took it upon yourself to make things right so we could meet the commitments that we made to our customers. We were blown away by your response and greatly appreciate you, not only for expediting the build, but for completely replacing the machine!"

Our customers are talking

"High level of customer service by a group of technicians and sales staff that know their product."

Our customers are talking

"Your customer service is even better than the great equipment you provide. Even on the other side of the world I know we can count on your team. We are customers for life. Van der Stähl has the best combination of equipment and people."


Partner with professionals who understand your business, Van der Stähl Scientific

As medical device packaging processes become more rigorous, it is essential to choose accredited and competent vendor partners. We deliver our machinery through our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory to give you a solid start on your installation qualification for your packaging validation. In our Laboratory we can develop seal strength values so you can better understand your aggregate packaging plan. We will continue to add to our scope to provide our customers with more services from our accredited testing and calibration laboratory.

Speak with an expert

When you are selecting critical packaging machinery for your medical device, skip the salesman and speak with a certified packaging engineer. Our team of experts includes Charlie A. Webb CPP, CKF, who is a certified packaging engineer and a six sigma black belt with more than 20 years of sterile packaging experience. Give us a call, we would love to chat...

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