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Performing the ASTM F-88 medical pouch seal tensile test has never been easier. With the patent pending PTT-500-AV automatic testing lab you can discover seal strength values instantly.

Automatic testing lab on your Desktop

Introducing the all-new PTT-500-AV medical device pouch seal testing Laboratory. This compact testing laboratory takes only a small footprint in your testing lab or packaging cleanroom, yet it is packed with powerful features. You can begin your seal evaluation with a visual inspection utilizing our patented VIU® system. This visual evaluation creates compliant lumens of lighting to enhance potential failure modes. The low angle of light adds further support identifying pleats and wrinkles in the sealed area. After visual seal evaluation, the pouch can be inserted into the PTT-500-AV to perform the ASTM f-88 Seal Strength testing. Operators can select either as supported or non-supported testing challenge. After the seal strength study is complete the device will generate a waveform and a pass or fail notification on the system display. And finally, the PTT-500-AV Will send a Data stream via Wi-Fi through an ethernet output. The system also holds testing data that can be batch purged via a USB port on the device.


The PTT-500-AV incorporates an integrated cutter that cuts the pouch material to a compliant width and then peels the specimen at the conforming speed of the ASTM F 88. This automatic function helps to ensure that no human impact changes the outcome of the seal strength testing.


With our patented side lighting operators can evaluate how light plays on the sealed surface. The magnification lens provides a close look at the sealed area yet provides a wide view to add context to the observation. The open ends allow visual inspection on a variety of pouch sizes.


To provide more flexibility in testing for the variety of medical pouch materials the PTT-500-AV allows operators two modes of operation. At the beginning of the test simply select the Freetail non-supported method or the backing plate supported method to meet your needs and material.
PTT500 VA Automated cut and peel illustration

Automated cut and peel

When performing the ASTM F-88 Seal strength study it is vital that the specimen is cut and loaded correctly to glean valuable and accurate seal strength data. The PTT-500-AV eliminates human failure modes by automatically performing cut and load functions assuring study accuracy. Enhanced accuracy while developing safer and stronger user ergonomics just a few of the many values of the PTT-500-AV.

Waveform Reporting

When utilizing ASTM F-88 seal strength testing, binary data collection could be problematic. The PTT-500-AV allows operators the ability to see seal strength performance over the breadth of the seal study with an on-screen data waveform. All the capture data for each testing event is stored on board and can be purged or sent in real-time via wi-fi or wired data stream for test archiving.
PTT 500 VA Waveform Reporting

Ergonomic and accurate

Mixed human loading behavior can cause data scatter when performing seal strength testing. The PTT-500-AV is designed to accurately cut and load medical pouch seal samples to assure seal to seal test accuracy. A second benefit of the PTT-500-AV is user ergonomics. Operators can perform hundreds of peel tests as they simply insert the pouch into the device and the unit does the heavy lifting. The systems automation also greatly encourages hourly testing to ensure that there is no processed drift and that the pouches or still conforming to seal strength thresholds. Also, no complicated training is needed for operators to conform to the exacting ASTM F-88.





SEAL STATS™ now has in-app integration of our VIU™ visual seal reference database. This will allow packaging engineers to compare their visual seal anomalies against a comprehensive database of known seal failures. Identifying the type of visual seal failure is the first step in developing a cogent solution. After identifying the seal issue, you can navigate to well-defined remedies for your medical pouch sealing challenge.

The VIU™ reference database was developed by our certified packaging professional in our ISO 17025 accredited medical device pouch testing laboratory. This reference tool was created to simplify visual seal inspection with the goal of encouraging regular visual seal inspection.

seal stats visual inspection tools

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