by Charlie A. Webb, CPP, CMC
Staff Writer

The Chinese philosophy of planting a tree where you’ll never take shade is such an unsettling concept for so many. In our competitive market and in this record weak economy, it’s hard for us to think in terms of altruism. We all become positional, when economic systems become bleak. Like castaways, on an island with one liter of water, the environment is dark and often hostile. But there’s an incredible irony in positional thinking. When we think only of our own gains we have failed basic human social reciprocity standards that do not enrich us, but only weaken our strength.

At Van der Stahl Scientific in a time we all must think of slimming down systems, we have expanded more this year than the last five, and we have done so in the absolute epicenter of this dark economy. We do it because we know; when we help other companies thrive we too may grow through their development. But we also do it because we want to give more. This is the ethical model that America was founded on. As our value mentality pulls apart, we are simply nothing but Chinese companies less the cost containment structure, making us completely uncompetitive.

People can buy cheaper machines then ours through bad delivery systems. Those customers will exist in every market, good or bad. We have chosen to stay where we have always been, providing stellar support through beautifully crafted machinery. And our company continues to grow even in this weak market. But I would argue that we would provide all of the no-cost services and support we provide such as our validation radio program, free initial metrology and this blog that you are reading, just because we think it’s the right thing to do. So plant a tree where you may never take shade. But you may find shade comes from somewhere else. This seems to be the ethical alchemy we benefit from when we do the right thing.