In an age of budget-focused hospital management styles, it has become increasingly more important for hospital SPD departments to pivot to a total patient safety model that increases budget spends in these vital departments. Many of these compromises surrounding material or machinery can lead to life-threatening failures, so ensuring every hospital is equipped with efficient and smarter medical device packaging machines has never been more important.

Keep reading to find out why choosing better hospital packaging machines is important for putting patient care at the top of your priority list.

Why Should Hospitals Use the Best Packaging Options?

Every hospital should strive to use the best packaging options for one simple reason: delivering medical devices safely to the point of care. The risk of non-sterile pouches reaching the patient can pose a whole host of risks, particularly if they are vulnerable or immunocompromised. Without advanced machinery that utilizes microprocessors, these patients can easily be exposed to microbes, ultimately leading to unnecessary infection.

Charlie A. Webb CPP, Director of Quality at Van der Stähl, shared his thoughts on the importance of effective, machine-led sterilization:

“Even the most efficacious medical devices can be rendered poisonous if sterility is compromised. Partner with vendors that share your commitment of total quality at every touchpoint.”

How Does the Use of Microprocessors Protect Patients?

A microprocessor is the central unit of a computerized system that allows packaging machinery to efficiently and effectively perform its intended purpose. The best medical device packaging machines utilize microprocessors to automate the process, removing the space for human error and delivering repeatable pouch sealing every time. Advanced microprocessor technology allows hospitals to take maximum control over their heat sealers and packaging machines and to deliver a pathway to sterile packaging validation.

Enhanced system controls and sensor support mean that patients are protected from breaches in the sealed area of the medical device pouch to assure safety.

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Hospital Packaging Machines?

Deciding whether or not you need to upgrade can be difficult, never mind knowing the right time based on your SPD department’s budget. It’s important to consider your needs and requirements, including the budget you must work with and the current safety of your patients. If things are working well, changing packaging machinery can seem like an unnecessary cost. But as technology advances further and further with a move towards Industry 4.0, upgrading to the latest microprocessor-driven medical device packaging system is almost guaranteed to benefit your existing process.

Meaningful upgrades that add value to your SPD department at a hospital are the best way forward. With heat sealers for medical device packaging like the Van der Stähl Scientific MD Series or the NanoPak edition bag and pouch sealers, your hospital could take medical device packaging to the next level. With built-in communication systems, simple data transfers, SealPeak technology, and optimum functionality, hospital packaging machines have never been so advanced.

We urge you to evaluate the importance of better packaging machinery for your hospitals. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your heat sealers or just want to explore ways to level up your medical device packaging machines to the latest trend to smarter packaging systems, Van der Stähl Scientific is here to help.

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