Our accredited laboratory, your pathway to compliance

Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory upholds the highest requirements and principles under this rigorous and exacting quality system. Our accreditation is symbolic of our commitment to precision in machine calibration and medical device pouch testing. For our ISO 13485 medical device customer, our accreditation provides an excellent vendor link.

Partner with our team of sterile packaging experts

Medical pouch testing and machine calibration requires certified and skilled technicians who understand the importance of empirical data collection. Our laboratory staff creates patented medical pouch inspection devices that are used by the world’s largest medical device manufacturers. We are innovators creating better sterile packaging systems.

The difference is better calibration documentation

Our documentation is designed to provide clarity to our customers. Evaluating calibration or test data should not be complicated and with our waveform data report you will see your calibration and testing session clearly. With each machine service we compile a complete machine inspection report for you to better manage your machine assets.

Machine maintenance training at your facility, our laboratory, or online…

Certify your maintenance staff so they can perform service and repairs on your sealers just as we do in our service center. ISO and the FDA both have core expectation of training for maintenance staff on critical equipment such as medical device packaging machinery. Get certified and stay compliant, contact customer care.

Medical device packaging begins with accredited calibration

Our ISO-17025 accredited Laboratory is ready to serve our medical device packaging customers. Let us help you get a solid start on your medical device packaging program. Our laboratory can provide a comprehensive machine calibration, a vital foundation for your installation qualification. Our advanced laboratory has even created our own patented technologies for evaluating medical device pouches. Keep your medical device packaging program compliant with calibration and laboratory services from Van der Stahl Scientific. Let our competent staff of trained technicians perform a comprehensive calibration or let us evaluate the seal strength of your medical device pouch.

Machine Calibration

Our sealers ship to you from our fully accredited ISO-17025 calibration laboratory. We perform temperature calibrations at multiple internal thermal zones for better accuracy. We also verify that the pressure is within spec or we perform a multi-zone force calibration on the pressure transducer.

Pouch Testing

Our laboratory not only performs medical device pouch testing we have actually invented and patented systems that we sell to our customers. We can provide pouch seal strength studies to help you develop nominal setting for your packaging machinery. Count on Van der Stähl Scientific, we invent new way to test.

Service and Repair

Our highly trained technicians can provide a complete service or repair on your packaging machinery. Every technician at Van der Stähl Scientific is certified in a quality system and understands the critical nature of a medical device packaging machine. Each machine returns with a complete work sheet for your records.

Understanding sealing Environment

With an external force sensing system, we can now measure and calibrate transducers on our qualifying packaging machinery allowing us a look in on force at the platen. Another important tool in our laboratory to provide our customers with the needed peace of mind that their equipment is running as expected. We continue to develop new ways to assure medical device packaging excellence.

ISO 17025 Accredited

If you are a ISO 13485 medical device organization than your quality team is held to the highest standard in manufacturing. Partnering with vendors that are also ISO accredited is vital to your total quality plan. Why not begin your medical device packaging validation with a company that understands quality systems?

Medical device packaging support laboratory

Our ISO 17025 laboratory means we test, inspect and calibrate to ensure the highest quality standards for the machines we sell. When your customer list includes NASA and the Centers for Disease Control, absolute quality is paramount. We have developed and patented systems to help medical device manufactures reach their goal of precision in sterile device packaging. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory upholds the highest requirements and principles under this rigorous and exacting quality system. Our accreditation is symbolic of our commitment to total quality.

  • Thermal mapping and calibration
  • Platen force calibration
  • Tension calibration
  • comprehensive inspection reports
  • Annual preventive maintenance
  • Machine repair services
  • ASTM F-88 seal strength testing
  • thermocouple dry well calibrations

Seal studies in our Laboratory

Commissioning a medical device pouch study in an independent third partly accredited empirical laboratory is a great first step for your packaging validation. Under our ISO 17025 scope we can perform an ASTM F-88 tensile test to determine seal strength and express the study data into an easy to interpret color waveform and scatter graph. Call us to learn about all of our expanded services.

Not only is our staff friendly and helpful, they are also incredibly competent, something you don’t seem to see a lot of these days. Every person at our company is trained and certified in a quality system such as Kaizen or Six Sigma. It is the simple things that make working with a company better, like answering the phone and delivering on a promise. This is why our customers return again and again to work with us. With more than 20 years of supporting our medical device customers we have made customer care an art form. Give us a call, we love to talk sterile packaging, 800-550-3854

In a age of web enabled doorbell cameras, wrist computers and self parking cars, our innovation group is always surprised at the slow evolution of medical device packaging machinery. As our group explores new smart medical device packaging technologies, we will continue to unlock better ways to package medical devices. Systems such as our MS-451 medical pouch sealer and package integrity laboratory are leading the way to greater patient safety. Not only is our machinery technologically advanced, it is also robustly built to provide years of trouble-free service.
If you are an ISO 13485 medical device manufacturer then you know the value of working with ISO accredited vendors. Our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory provides our customers with traceable machine calibrations and pouch testing services. Our medical device packaging machinery and medical device pouch testing devices ships with an NIST traceable certificate. We are also able to perform seal strength testing in order to help fast-track your validation and provide a third-party data pack for your installation qualification. Working with an accredited vendor partner is the pathway to compliance.
Our expertise is focused on medical device packaging and medical device pouch testing. Some packaging machinery companies cast a wide net by providing packaging machinery for multiple industries. The science and technology to package popcorn is very different than packaging a sterile medical device. We understand the regulatory girth that surrounds the arduous task of medical device packaging validation. There is multiple benefits in working with a company with a focused discipline. Our goal is to not be everything to everyone, simply put our mission is medical device packaging, period.

The value of Calibration

Start your installation qualification out right with our ISO 17025 accredited thermal or force calibrations. Choose from a host of calibration types from simple single point calibration to multi-temperature hydra studies. Highly skilled technicians and high resolution data loggers assure a solid foundation for your medical device packaging validation. Each thermal calibration is rechecked with redundant meters and leads.

"Even the most efficacious medical devices can be rendered poisonous if sterility is compromised. Partner with vendors that share your commitment of total quality at every touchpoint. Let us help you deliver your device sterile to the point of care."


Verify timer  Accuracy

Verifying all machine attributes can be vital when developing a medical device packaging validation. With our latest iteration of machinery, we can now verify that the microprocessors timer function is working within spec. This verification process allows us to utilize an external electronic timer that gates time periods. Our new sealers low voltage output signal, can verify that the internal ceramic resonator is producing time periods that are compliant within fractions of the second. These timer verification sessions are certified under our ISO-17025 accreditation. To learn more about this verification service as well as all of our testing and calibration capabilities contact engineering.

Your sealer ships to you with a high resolution calibration that includes waveform data to better evaluate your sealer’s performance. Our state of the industry laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and ready to serve. Your medical pouch sealer is ready to begin your packaging validation right out of the box.

Powerful data session waveforms from our laboratory

It is vital that to be able to easily interrupt the calibration or medical device pouch testing data from our laboratory. To make this process easier we generate easy to read waveform data as well as event time stamped line data so you can gain a solid understanding of the sealers performance during our calibration or testing session.

Dry well calibration of thermocouples

Accurate testing

A calibrated test lead is the headwater to accurate thermal calibration. Let us perform a calibration on your test leads with our accurate dry well that precisely hold the lead at temperature.

The MS-110

You can purchase the same accurate test leads that we use in our laboratory for our thermal calibration. Our leads our designed to not damage the heating element on your pouch sealer.


We perform calibrations/verifications of test leads at multiple temperatures in order to better understand if the device under test is compliant across a wide range.

Purchase the same medical pouch tester we use in our lab

The PTT 100 V medical device packaging laboratory is designed to keep your packaging validation on track. This amazing system incorporates a host of features to assure your testing results are sound. The easy-to-read display and simple menus encourage regular use and our “Quick load” thin film grips require only a quarter turn to load.

Purchase the same test systems we use in our laboratory

SPC-1 Specimen cutter

SPC-1 Specimen Cutter

Designed to use in concert with the ASTM F-88 peel study, this template specimen cutter can create a 1″ strip. This useful jig can save a great deal of time when performing an expanded DOE.

DP-150 Dye Pen kit

DP-150 Dye Pen Kit

There is no longer any need to mix messy dyes and surfactants when developing a dye solution for the ASTM F 1929 protocol. The DP 150 is premixed and ready to use right out of the bottle.

Seal Check Seal Test

Seal Check Seal Test

Ready to use out of the box just seal your pouch as usual with the Seal Check strip as the middle film and visually evaluate the seal event you just performed for known seal issues.

Packaging machine service and accredited calibrations to go

Now you can receive the same high level service and calibration we offer in our laboratory, right in your cleanroom. We can travel throughout the US and we typically offer single day service in Southern California. For our customers that want their services delivered onsite we are here to accommodate. Request a custom onsite quote today.

A closer look at machine performance

Your sealer ships to you with a high resolution calibration that includes waveform data to better evaluate your sealers performance. Our state of the industry laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited and ready to serve. Your medical pouch sealer is ready to begin your packaging validation right out of the box. With your calibration you will also receive a machine inspection report that shows the condition of your sealer when it arrived. This is a great way to manage your critical packaging machine assets. To learn more about calibration and testing call and speech with our engineering group we would love to chat, 800-550-3854

Meet the people behind the products and services

Our staff of dedicated professionals are all trained and certified in quality system management and understand critical and regulated processes. With over two decades of medical device packaging experience our skilled team is ready to assist you along every touchpoint.

Our customers are talking

"...The Van der Stähl name has become a fan favorite within our metrology department because of the certification Van der Stähl performs on the units. When we receive the machines in, the metrology department needs to do very little to get these active..."

Our customers are talking

"Amazing company to work with. The information is exactly what we need to complete our IQ OQ PQ. Thank you!!!!!! Your company is a leap above the rest…"

Our customers are talking

"We have found Van der Stähl products and services to exceed our expectations. The sealers, test equipment and calibration services have been robust, efficient, and competitively priced. Van der Stähl is a key contributor to our continued success."

Our customers are talking

"I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and all the Van der Stahl Scientific team for going above and beyond to resolve the issues we had with our pouch sealer. Even though the issues were not of your doing, you took it upon yourself to make things right so we could meet the commitments that we made to our customers. We were blown away by your response and greatly appreciate you, not only for expediting the build, but for completely replacing the machine!"

Our customers are talking

"High level of customer service by a group of technicians and sales staff that know their product."

Our customers are talking

"Your customer service is even better than the great equipment you provide. Even on the other side of the world I know we can count on your team. We are customers for life. Van der Stähl has the best combination of equipment and people."


Partner with professionals who understand your business, Van der Stähl Scientific

As medical device packaging processes become more rigorous, it is essential to choose accredited and competent vendor partners. We deliver our machinery through our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory to give you a solid start on your installation qualification for your packaging validation. In our Laboratory we can develop seal strength values so you can better understand your aggregate packaging plan. We will continue to add to our scope to provide our customers with more services from our accredited testing and calibration laboratory.

Speak with an expert

When you are selecting critical packaging machinery for your medical device, skip the salesman and speak with a certified packaging engineer. Our team of experts includes Charlie A. Webb CPP, CKF, who is a certified packaging engineer and a six sigma black belt with more than 20 years of sterile packaging experience. Give us a call, we would love to chat...

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lets talk M-F 9AM – 5PM PST

Look who is behind our calibration and testing services

Charlie A. Webb CPP, CKF

After graduating with a Business and Management degree from The University of Redlands, Charlie continued his education at the Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, focusing on an expanding interest in medical devices. Charlie holds two US patents for medical packaging equipment as well as two additional pending patents.

Cord Burnham, CKF

Cord understands the complexities of layered systems. Cord is a keen diagnostician with mechanical and electrical systems and has been an important addition to our metrology lab. The center of a well run lab is organization, and that has been the key contrabution that Cord has made to the Van der Stahl Scientific organization.