Although we did our best to assure that all of the information in our videos are complete and accurate it is possible that we may have missed a step or my have information that is incorrect. These videos were unscripted and again may contain information that is inaccurate. Also we only touched down briefly on issues surrounding Safety as the scope of these videos are “Maintenance and Calibration”, it is however vital that you understand the safe operation of your equipment. There may be multiple iterations of the equipment in these videos, each with variations that may not be covered in these videos. Please consult your manual as you view these videos to follow along in order for you to have access to the features and components that are on your unique equipment. To avoid electrical shock when possible always unplug the equipment before preforming a service.” You must use your manual along with these videos and the guidelines in the manual should supersede the information given on videos as they are reviewed text developed by the maker of the equipment.