Dye penetration premix




ASTM F1929-15 ready premixed medical pouch test solution is ideal for rapid integrity testing. Our easy to use dye solution makes dye-penetration testing fast and accurate.

Dye penetration offers rapid seal defect testing

Our DP-150 and DP-195 Pro-kits use premixed dye solutions that are ready to go right out of the box. With the included laminated reference-guide you can quickly identify a host of seal failures. Shorten essential pouch testing cycles by eliminating mixing and measuring messy dyes, which slows your work flow. A recent survey of medical device packaging engineers by packaging digest reveled the dye Penetration is now used by 80.4% of medical device packagers. Dye Penetration can be an important tool in detecting seal defects with a potential sensitivity of 50 μm. We also now offer bulk Boston bottles in 8oz, 16oz or 32oz sizes to accommodate your testing work flow. Stay compliant with regular dye testing.

DP-150 Kit

Our DP-150 dye penetration kit offers everything you need to perform an ASTM-F1929-15 test. The kit includes premixed dye, 20 droppers, and a laminated procedure guide. Our ready-to-go DP-150 dye testing kit prevents potential errors in surfactant and pigment ratios that could skew test result.

Bulk Dye

We now offer our premixed dyes in 3 different bulk bottle configurations; 8oz, 16oz, as well as a 32oz size, FDA compliant Boston bottles. These new configuration options will allow our customers to perform more pouch studies and take advantage of the scale of economy when buying in bulk.

DP-195 Pro

Our DP-195 Pro kit is an innovative way to perform a whole pouch test when conducting the ASTM F1929-15 study. Simply seal the DP-195 pouch inside your device pouch and gently squeeze to release the dye. Now you can turn the pouch to flow dye on all edges to reveal potential seal defects on your pouch.

DP-150 Dye testing kit

Our DP-150 uses premixed dye solutions that are ready-to-go right out of the box. With the included laminated reference-guide you can quickly identify a host of seal failures. Shorten essential pouch testing cycles by eliminating mixing and measuring messy dyes, which slows your work flow. The DP-150 Kit includes .075ml of premixed dye, laminated guide, and 20 droppers. Identify potential seal defects with regular testing.

DP-195 pro test system

Our DP-195 pro test system is ideal for dye penetration testing of a whole pouch. This innovative system allows users to seal the DP-195 pod inside their pouch for testing. The user can then gently squeeze the pod to release the premixed dye inside the sealed pouch. The user can now rotate their pouch for a whole pouch study of the sterile barrier. The DP-195 Pro kit includes 30 premixed pods.

Bulk dye penetration ink

Now medical device packagers can purchase our premixed ink in bulk quantities. For our customers with a more demanding work flow that requires multiple dye penetration testing events throughout the day, we now offer premixed solution in bulk. Our solution now comes in 8oz, 16oz, as well as a 32oz size. The dye penetration solution comes in FDA compliant Boston bottles.

Explore our additional testing products

SPC-2 Specimen Cutter

Cutting your pouch samples with a razor knife is time consuming and poses safety risks.  The robust build of the SPC-2 prevents device flexing that could affect pouch sample consistency.

PT 100V Testing Systems

Testing and inspecting is one of the single most important quality steps your company can take to avoid a packaging recall. With the PTT-100V the process of testing and inspection is quick and easy. 

Seal Check Seal Test

Ready to use out of the box. Simply seal your pouch as usual, with the Seal Check strip as the middle film, and visually evaluate the seal event you just performed for known seal issues.

Your medical device pouch is not just packaging; it is an integral part of your medical device…

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