A quick glance at the SEAL STATS™ App provides packaging engineers fast access to a variety of resources such as packaging machine electronic manuals, troubleshooting problems, and solutions as well as real-time chat with technical support from our engineering group, all right in the palm of your hands.

SEAL STATS™ now has in-app integration of our VIU™ visual seal reference database. This will allow packaging engineers to compare their visual seal anomalies against a comprehensive database of known seal failures. Identifying the type of visual seal failure is the first step in developing a cogent solution. After identifying the seal issue, you can navigate to well-defined remedies for your medical pouch sealing challenge.

The VIU™ reference database was developed by our certified packaging professional in our ISO 17025 accredited medical device pouch testing laboratory. This reference tool was created to simplify visual seal inspection with the goal of encouraging regular visual seal inspection.Also coming to the next iteration of this phone application, packaging engineers will be able to stay connected in real-time with select medical device packaging systems. Imagine the power of receiving a text message or email when your medical device pouch sealer generates an error code. This is where the magic begins with the SEAL STATS™ system