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This blog page is a place where we chat about medical device packaging, manufacturing as well as a host of other eclectic topics. We will be adding new post soon that will speak to innovations in both medical and general packaging, feel free to join the conversation.

Medical Packaging Explained

Medical Packaging 101 Medical packaging is obviously serious business. Even the most efficacious medical device can be rendered dangerous in the presence of surface contaminants. Obviously, devices, particularly implantable devices, are used in a sterile environment...

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New Reusable Sharps Containers

In manufacturing medical containers we have a duty to protect our employees by providing an ergonomic and safe workplace. This idea stands behind every design and every concept of a medical container which needs to provide both the 100% usability and safety for those...

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Shirts vs. Skins

by Charlie A. Webb Staff Writer Our forms of dress, especially uniforms have become a vital part of our culture in America, in fact, really, all over the world. Uniforms make us believable. It’s another layer of what we wish to project, and they concretize who we are...

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Forced Policy Adherence Systems

by Charlie A. Webb Staff Writer Last year I had a brush with big brother, I opened a letter from Riverside County Traffic Court and I was shocked to see my smiling face imbedded on official county letterhead. It was a picture of me behind the wheel of my car as I...

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Understanding Package Stability Evaluation

by Jennifer Dean Staff Writer A truly thorough understanding of ISO 11607 is needed to ensure product efficacy and ultimately, patient safety. And yet, everyday medical device packagers face failures and even product recalls. So, let’s take a look at the four basic...

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More Bells & Whistles

by Charlie A. Webb CPP, CMC Staff Writer For those of you that follow Van der Stahl Scientific’s packaging blog you may remember a while back, I wrote a blog about bells and whistles. When I penned that last blog, my hope was that the marketing department would leave...

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The Paralysis of Analysis

I am one of the most thorough people I know. Some may say a little anal retentive. When I leave my desk at night, everything is put away. And my lucky, trusty Green Cross pen is set at a 45 degree angle on a clean, white piece of paper. But I’m perfect for my job....

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Our blog topics are typically focused on medical device package and manufacturing quality control. We do however go outside these categories for an occasional rant to give our readers a peek into our point of view. If you have a topic that you would like us to touch on drop us a note in the contact us form, thank you for visiting our blog.

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