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This blog page is a place where we chat about medical device packaging, manufacturing as well as a host of other eclectic topics. We will be adding new post soon that will speak to innovations in both medical and general packaging, feel free to join the conversation.

More Bells & Whistles

by Charlie A. Webb CPP, CMC Staff Writer For those of you that follow Van der Stahl Scientific’s packaging blog you may remember a while back, I wrote a blog about bells and whistles. When I penned that last blog, my hope was that the marketing department would leave...

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The Paralysis of Analysis

I am one of the most thorough people I know. Some may say a little anal retentive. When I leave my desk at night, everything is put away. And my lucky, trusty Green Cross pen is set at a 45 degree angle on a clean, white piece of paper. But I’m perfect for my job....

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Innovate or Die

by Charlie A. Webb CPP, CMC Staff Writer Recently I attended the medical design and manufacturing west trade show that is held each year in Anaheim California. I had the opportunity to evaluate and inspect manufacturing machinery from hundreds of companies that show...

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The Work Cell Movement

by Charlie A. Webb CPP, CMC Staff Writer For nearly 20 years I’ve had the opportunity to speak to literally hundreds of plant managers and packaging engineers regarding their challenges facing throughput, while at the same time staying true to lean manufacturing...

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Webb Confidence Index

by Charlie A. Webb CPP, CMC Staff Writer Over the last nearly two decades I have spoke with thousands of packaging engineers and a reoccurring question is often presented to me. How often should I perform a thermal calibration on my packaging equipment? There are so...

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Picking Up a Nail

by Charlie A. Webb, CPP, CMC Staff Writer As I mentioned in a previous article, I believe that the American value is quickly waning from the mid century handshake model to a mutual distrust policy that the Internet scammers have fortified. Our world is full of...

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Plant a Tree Where You’ll Never Take Shade

by Charlie A. Webb, CPP, CMC Staff Writer The Chinese philosophy of planting a tree where you’ll never take shade is such an unsettling concept for so many. In our competitive market and in this record weak economy, it’s hard for us to think in terms of altruism. We...

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What We Do When No One is Looking

By Charlie A. Webb CPP, CMC Staff Writer I had the great fortune to be raised by two very value-centered parents. And through my entire personal and professional career I’ve been a keen observer of ethical and unethical behavior. Recently I have discovered an...

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Our blog topics are typically focused on medical device package and manufacturing quality control. We do however go outside these categories for an occasional rant to give our readers a peek into our point of view. If you have a topic that you would like us to touch on drop us a note in the contact us form, thank you for visiting our blog.

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Make our blog better, tell us about the topics you would like us to cover this coming year. This blog is about much more than just medical device packaging, our aim is to cover all issues surrounding medical device packaging and manufacturing. Ahead we will be covering the broader issues for the MDM’s such as the challenges of marketing medical devices in a highly regulated and cost sensitive marketplace. We will also speak on medical device packaging challenges for the engineers that develop the validation plan. To build a better community here we invite you to consider participating in our guest blogger program. You need not be an SME to chime in, just speak your mind with relevant input, drops us a line, we welcome your feedback.


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