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This blog page is a place where we chat about medical device packaging, manufacturing as well as a host of other eclectic topics. We will be adding new post soon that will speak to innovations in both medical and general packaging, feel free to join the conversation.

Cost of Ownership

As the quality manager for our ISO-17025 laboratory it is become native for me to evaluate machine purchases through a global and perhaps a more cynical vista. With medical device packaging machinery, you need to consider a multitude of factors. How easily will I be...

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Satisfaction not guaranteed

Right is not the opposite of wrong. Many companies mistakenly believe that if they are not delivering faulty goods and services to their customers, they have it right. However, delivering drab grey customer requirements is not what makes a company fabulous. In this...

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Trends in Medical Packaging

As the regulatory climate shifts to a model of zero failures, we now see medical pouch testing becoming a new area of focus. Because I am at the validation support portal of our company, I have the opportunity to speak with hundreds of medical device packaging...

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Green Sustainable Packaging

I’m a little uneasy going too deep into this topic, as I definitely am not a subject matter expert with sustainable packaging. I can tell you, however, from observations at the street level, many of our medical device packaging engineers are feeling a great deal of...

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Watch that basket

Right now floating around in your head is a 4-digit pin number for your ATM card. It’s a firewall to keep people from a 3-day shopping spree at Nordstrom’s. Is it valuable? Of course it is.  If you develop a validation program and have engendered process settings for...

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Automate testing cycles

MS-451-pv medical pouch sealer, tester and inspection device Van der Stähl Scientific has coined the term “forced policy compliance” with the development of our medical packaging machinery that requires the unit to stop packaging based on user defined intervals to...

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Top Heavy Medical Packaging

It is interesting to identify engineering trends from our technical support lines. It seems that many of the non compliance issue related to packaging has to do with quality teams letting go of the wheel after the development of the medical device packaging validation...

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Danger of Safety?

In manufacturing, we have a duty to protect our employees by providing an ergonomic and safe workplace. But have we gone too far? If we try to dummy down the work place then all we do is create and support dummies. Of course, we need to develop manufacturing machinery...

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Vacuum Packaging Explained

Vacuum packaging has clearly benefited our customers and their products. It’s widely known that many products, particularly food products can greatly benefit from a controlled environment, which vacuum packaging provides. Whether that product is food, medical devices...

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Packaging Terms Explained

Our goal on this page is to provide clarity on many of the industry’s esoteric terms in order to create a more crisp interaction with our customers. The following terms are defined as we see and understand these industrial terms. The term definitions may appear...

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Medical Packaging Explained

Medical Packaging 101 Medical packaging is obviously serious business. Even the most efficacious medical device can be rendered dangerous in the presence of surface contaminants. Obviously, devices, particularly implantable devices, are used in a sterile environment...

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