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Vacuum Packaging Explained

Vacuum packaging has clearly benefited our customers and their products. It’s widely known that many products, particularly food products can greatly benefit from a controlled environment, which vacuum packaging provides. Whether that product is food, medical devices...

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Packaging Terms Explained

Our goal on this page is to provide clarity on many of the industry’s esoteric terms in order to create a more crisp interaction with our customers. The following terms are defined as we see and understand these industrial terms. The term definitions may appear...

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Medical Packaging Explained

Medical Packaging 101 Medical packaging is obviously serious business. Even the most efficacious medical device can be rendered dangerous in the presence of surface contaminants. Obviously, devices, particularly implantable devices, are used in a sterile environment...

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Our blog topics are typically focused on medical device package and manufacturing quality control. We do however go outside these categories for an occasional rant to give our readers a peek into our point of view. If you have a topic that you would like us to touch on drop us a note in the contact us form, thank you for visiting our blog.

About the Author

Charlie Webb, CPP, CKF

Quality Manager
Charlie is a certified packaging professional, certified through the Institute of Packaging Professionals and is also is a CKF (Certified Kaizen Facilitator). Charlie has contributed to several enhancements of our medical packaging machinery. He holds two US patents for medical packaging equipment as well as two additional pending patents. Charlie is a six sigma black belt and leads our quality team.